Wednesday, July 03, 2013

When The Rubies Get Sloshed

We all know that alcohol enhances the character of the person drinking and for some makes them very vocal about feelings they’ve been harbouring inside. The Chasemates have always shown us that they know how to party and can surely drink themselves silly given the chance. They even accused Elikem of pissing in the water, something he was not happy about.

Tonight was the one night where they all just let go and got seriously drunk, as part of the Wedding Task Biggie gave them. Tonight was the night where the guys had their stag parties in the two Houses and the chicks had their hen parties as well.

As the festivities reached their peak in the Ruby House, things turned quite sour for one Kenyan chick who had gone to visit the boys while they were drinking in the Jacuzzi. The conversation went south when Oneal started telling Annabel that she stole his Savannah and he wasn’t entirely impressed with that. Annabel went upstairs and started crying to her girls that Oneal had accused her of stealing his alcohol. Oneal refused to apologise even though the Kenyan woman felt that the boys ganged up on her.

Annabel, when she had calmed down a bit, had a heart-to-heart with South Africa’s choreographer about why things never happened between the two of them. Angelo wanted to know why Annabel never told him how he felt when they were both in the Diamond House. Annabel told him outright that he was a bit immature back then and that that’s not how she rolls. Could Angelo be trying to get with Annabel now that his crush Maria is no longer in the picture? Mmhhh.

To end off the night, some of the girls joined the boys in the jacuzzi where they shared booze and jokes about men and women generally. Feza and Oneal were sometimes seen hugging and whispering nothings into each other’s ears while the others shared meat and stories that went on for eons. What a day they all had.

By Bukelwa Nkungwana


  1. They should take it easy with alcohol. Naija-Clor-POCOBIA

  2. This Annabel gal yooooo she must stop drinking sure

    1. Yes my sista, I like what you are saying! You c, ppl who watch BBA!!! not those ppl who just comment foolish things