Sunday, August 11, 2013

A Guilty Conscience

Generally the Housemates are good people who have been put in the House to stick it out until one of them walks away with the grand prize money of USD 300 000. Simply because Beverly replaced Bimp with Dillish doesn’t make any less human as it is all part of the game. But doing nice things to ease that conscience is a nice indirect way of saying ‘no hard feelings.’

Beverly had invited the lovely Dillish to join her in the Rendezvous Room where they both enjoyed a nice full body massage. Even then we couldn’t help but wonder whether she was trying to right her wrong as far as her Nominations move is concerned. Dillish, being the lovely sunshine and rosy woman that she is, didn’t refuse the invite and therefore enjoyed her massage.

Earlier in the week, straight after Beverly had traded her in, Dillish felt that Beverly is avoiding her and is seriously making things between them a tad weird because everybody knows what she did in the confines of Biggie’s Diary Room. “I’m not holding a grudge against her, this is just a game,” the Namibian had said.

Today, Beverly’s conscience still hasn’t relaxed because earlier on she was helping Dillish put rollers on her hair in preparation for the night that could see Dillish leave the House. Am I the only one who sees the irony here? The bigger irony being that none of the past issues between these two surfaced during their hair-do session. Dillish was the bigger person in this case as she let bygones be exactly that.

Here’s to hoping that Beverly’s kind gestures are simply that; gestures. And here’s to Africa voting for the woman they think deserves to stay on The Chase a bit longer. Hear hear!!

By Bukelwa Nkungwana


  1. Wat exactli is the essence of this write up..

  2. Dis writer u r crazy why do hate Bev wat r portraying nothing crown dillish n cow bev nonsence

  3. Dis bba admin pple are just foolish. Ahn ahn. Worst set of reporters and writers I've ever seen. I tot dese posts from dem are to update us on wats happening in d house for dose of us dat don't watch regularly. Instead, dey've turned it into dier views and tots on d matter. Can't dey jst write witout bias. I'm sick of dis. Dey be putting ideas into our heads. Jst write bout tins exactly as dey are and leave it to us to form our opinions. Don't go putting ideas into pple's heads.


  5. To hell wth west Africa, they use juju

  6. why should u talk like that? i believe u know this is just a game...let's respect our selves!!!