Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Abuse Survivors

Chase girls Feza, Beverly and Cleo stunned their fellow Housemates with their personal tales of domestic abuse at the hands of their ex boyfriends.

Feza, who has mentioned before that she was beaten and almost run over with a car by an ex, detailed her experience to the boys, who were all shocked by her stunning revelation. When she said "I think there are certain spirits that push a man to beat you," it kicked off a debate about abuse. "Let’s not even discuss that because at the end of the day we are taking away the responsibility and accountability from the man," Bimp said.

Nigeria's Beverly also revealed how her former lover pummeled her to a pulp and even smuggled her out of hospital after he had physically assaulted her at one point. Zambia's Cleo also bravely detailed how horrible her previous relationships have been. "My ex beat me all the time and I struggled to leave. Even when he got arrested for beating me, I took him back because I thought he had changed. It was so difficult but by the grace of a higher power, I managed to leave him before he killed me," Cleo said.

Many women across the continent choose to suffer in silence. Not our Chase girls. Bravo to them for sharing their stories and possibly inspiring other young women across Africa to break the cycle of abuse.

By Ngeti Dlamini


  1. We really need to break d circle of abuse. Someone like a sister to me was constantly battered by her husband and she refused to leave him after 4 kids. He eventually killed her and went scot free even with all evidences to prive he was guilty.

  2. Thts a very sad story!@12:34

  3. So sad may her soul RIP(in tears)

  4. let women respect men panelbeat them will stop,