Friday, August 23, 2013

Airtel Arena: The Final Showdown

This afternoon, the Housemates faced off in their final Airtel Arena Showdown.

They were kitted out in full diving gear, including a wetsuit, flippers and goggles. Each Housemate had to pick a t-shirt that matches the colour of one of the baskets that were decked out in the Airtel Arena.

The aim of the game was to have the Housemates fill up their baskets with the colourful plastic that were in a big basket at the end of their obstacle course but the catch was that each one of them could only could only carry three balls to their basket at a time.

Due to a ankle injury, Beverly had to watch the fun from the side-lines as Cleo, Dillish,Elikem and Melvin that made their way through the wet and slippery obstacle course.

The Nigerian did make her own contribution to the group by playing cheerleader to her fellow Chasemates and providing colourful commentary from the side-lines. Her fellow Rubies did not seem to mind her though and everyone looks to have had a blast.

By Lihle Jacobs


  1. I enjoyed watching them. Bt Beverly smoking all the way. I see the top 3 on this picture Melvin Dillish n Cleo

  2. the last two will bi melvin n dillish, so its left for africa now..

  3. And Melvin takes d crown.Omg He deserved it!

  4. Beverly rockkk.u get all 2 entertain us anyway.