Saturday, August 10, 2013

Airtel Picnic: No Show, Just Talk

It’s Airtel Picnic time and the Housemates decided against having a talk show as usual but rather wanted to talk about their time on The Chase.

As they chewed on the nice food provided, Dillish complained that Biggie keeps giving them too many peanuts and then Angelo asked them how they felt now that The Chase is coming to an end soon. The obvious response was sadness that their time together would end but only in Biggie’s House. Does this mean that the Housemates are making plans to meet each other outside the confines of Biggie’s beautiful house? No plans have been made just yet.

They then went back to talking about the video messages from loved ones they watched earlier this morning. They were all very appreciative for Biggie’s surprise and their families for their support while they are away from home. They all seem to have liked Beverly’s mother because of her spunk and resemblance to her daughter. Dillish was particularly happy about her grandfather saying she should come home and buy him a Coca Cola.

Melvin and Feza high-fived each other because they discovered that they both support the same soccer team, Man United. Bimp was being silly and blocked their high-five to which they both attacked him and pushed him out of their way. Another picnic where fun and laughter is the order of the day, enjoy while you can Housemates. Once in a while they shouted “Airtel, making life better”.

By Bukelwa Nkungwana

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