Friday, August 16, 2013

Airtel Showdown: Red Team Victory

The Airtel Showdown Arena challenge this week had the Housemates in two teams, the red and white teams and they had to collect as many balls in the field as possible then dump them in the blow up pool provided.

The gorgeous Dillish had volunteered to sit this one out and therefore stood on the sidelines commentating on the happenings of the event. She was also a good motivator for both teams and it looks like both teams appreciated this.

As much as the white team was good competition to the red team, they fell far behind the might reds and therefore lost the challenge. In celebration of their victory, the red team obviously ended their time in the sun with their usual dance moves.

The white team lost the game and was looking very tired but they still joined in the dancing session, thus sharing the glory. They looked like they were enjoying their time outside considering they are always in the confines of the Ruby House. “No ninja, we don’t want to go home,” Dillish said to the ninja when it was time to go back inside the House.

Well done to the red team!

By Bukelwa Nkungwana


  1. Melvin alwayz on point! May God bless n crown u Amen! Lol guyz did u watch melvin on dat presentation 9t?alwayz in front leading others.Melvin dancing babalala! Babalala like kids. Jus luv u dear!Zim vote Melvin plz