Monday, August 05, 2013

Bedroom Shenanigans

As soon as the lights went off, Bimp and Dillish decided to tumble about and play in the big singles bed.

Dillish put on her princess accent and when Bimp tickled her, touched her booty and asked her "What is this?” Dillish told the Ethiopian in her princess voice, "It’s my bum". The two then play fought like little children, until Melvin and Cleo gave up on the idea of sleep. The two then woke up for along chat with Dillish and Bimp.

In the other bedroom, Feza slept alone, courtesy of her man's Eviction earlier in the evening. As soon as she climbed off Bimp in the Jacuzzi, Beverly headed to bed to call it a night. After kissing for a while, Angelo extracted himself from Bev's lips long enough to tell her "tomorrow is a long day. Let's sleep," he said.

The Chasemates definitely needed their rest. Today is Nominations day and those Nominations Sessions are sure to be dramatic and energy sapping!

By Ngeti Dlamini

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