Saturday, August 10, 2013

Bimp, Investigator Extraordinaire

Ethiopia's Bimp won the Murder Mystery Challenge this evening.

Following a long drawn out investigation and evidence analysis, Bimp was crowned the winner of the Big Brother Chase Murder Mystery. According to ballsy lady cop Detective Seargant Warrant Officer Du Plooy, the Ethiopian was the closest to cracking the case.

After Aggie was murdered, the House was thrown into panic mode as the Chasemates attempted to sniff the killer out. All sorts of theories were shared as the Housemates combed through the evidence gathered. Elikem was of the opinion that Angelica, the lawyers wife was part of the murder plot. "Her husband, the lawyer stands to get all the money," Elikem said.

Feza, on the other hand, revealed how she thinks Officer Du Plooy could not be ruled out as a suspect. After the Chasemates were given the chance to interrogate all the guests who were at the dinner party when the murder happened, Bimp seemed to be the only one who impressed with his skills.

For his efforts, the Ethiopian got his own bottle of patron. Congrats to him!

By Ngeti Dlamini

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  1. The 1st is alwayz d last.dis is also applicacable to Elikeem's H0h victory!