Sunday, August 18, 2013

Breaking News: USD 10,000 For Most Romantic Gesture

The Chase Grand Finale will not only revel the ultimate winner of the USD300 000 but the winner of the Most Romantic Gesture will also walk away with an amazing holiday package valued at USD 10 000.

The Most Romantic Gesture winner wins a 5 nights all expenses paid stay in a luxury room at the Sarova White Sands Hotel in Mombasa, Kenya with anyone they choose to take. The winner will also receive two return air tickets on Rwanda Air as well as spending money. Over the past weeks, you Voted for the week’s Most Romantic Gesture and these are the finalists for this lucrative prize:

Vote A: Hakeem asking Cleo on date
Vote B: Koketso's strawberries and cream
Vote C: Hakeem's gifts to Cleo
Vote D: Elikem’s breakfast in bed
Vote E: Hakeem's real marriage proposal

This is how you can Vote for the Most Romantic Gesture:

- You can only Vote for your Most Romantic Gesture on Twitter. Tweet the keywords “Vote” followed by A, B, C, D or E.

- Include one of our hashtags #bigbroafrica #bbathechase

Voting lines close open stra8ight after the Live Show and close on Monday at 18:00 CAT.
Let your fingers do the talking Africa!

By Lindiwe Nkonyane


  1. am really loving dix

  2. Obviously Cloe and Hakeem!

  3. What the fuck????? What happened to oneal and Feza romantic gestures????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
    They were the most romantic...aghhhh this is crap....

  4. Haba @ 8.52..Wat romantic gesture did u see the oneza a fan too,dey did nuttin special

    1. They were only busy in gossip and ironing there issues.there's nothing romantic abt them. Awwh this year biggie is so interesting. Hacloe is taking it

  5. While I vote for Hakeem and Cleo. That slut that raped Angelo. Should come back with zero country vote for national moral training as her home have bad influence on her as she claimed Naija-Clor say so

  6. B* biggie plz give it to koketo n lk4 plzzzzzzzzzz

  7. Obviously hacleo will win

  8. Oneal and Feza thought romance was talking bad about other housemates. No wonder the guys wedding lines were weird. They had no romantic gesture.

  9. Oh please instead of giving the 1st and 2nd runner up some bucks! Who knows if cleo and hakeem/koketso and lk4 will stil be together outside..

  10. Why did they show them @ the 1st place then(oneal and feza's) they shudnt have bothered at the 1st place!!!!!

  11. Oneal ws removed cos he has put dis fake show in trouble by exposing dt he didn't audition bt ws headhunted ...I believe in the nxt 2 yrs this bullshit will nt be shown anymore cnt wait fr Sunday

  12. Vote D wil nt win

  13. Useless fool,u will even c it in d nxt 5yrs,wat did oneal n feza do datz romantic?,dere gossiping,dere conniving,dere stupid insults on d fellow housemates?ur such a stupid fag,mayb dey tot u in skul dt connivin,gossipin n reading bible upside dwn z romantic,if u even went 2 skul at all,HATER

  14. for me its Hakeem & CLEO

  15. Why is there nothing for Angelo and Beverly,while he prepared her bath water everyday eg. BBA is corrupt!!!