Sunday, August 25, 2013

Catch Up: The Chasers' Last Week

The last week of Chasers was somewhat eventful but they wouldn’t have it any other way. With the Eviction of two of the most powerful contenders Angelo and Bimp, life had to go on even though some of the Housemates took time to get over losing two good friends, Beverly being the one that felt it the most.

The week has started off with Melvin being the last leader of the pack after Bimp, who was supposed to be Head of House, had been Evicted from the House. Melvin was the runner up on the previous week’s HoH challenge and was therefore the fitting leader this week.

Diary sessions in the past week had been a mixture of emotions especially when Biggie had asked the Housemates how they felt about the Eviction of their friends Angelo and Bimp, and of course what their predictions were about the winner of The Chase. Elikem had been so proud of himself, telling Biggie that he has made history as being the first Ghanaian to have made it this far in the game and was grateful for the platform even if he doesn’t win the money.

The first Task of the week had Housemates making a parting gift for their favourite keeper, Biggie. The House was filled all sorts of fun props to help them execute this to the max. the enthusiasm was overwhelming and probably heartwarming for Biggie as the gift had to reflect the Housemates’ journey on The Chase.

The Chasers then shared a list of things they’d like to do before they die with Biggie where Cleo had said that she would like to travel the world and build an empire for her daughter to take over. Elikem said he’d like to get married and have children and planned to be more serious with his religion. Melvin also committed to getting married and having babies in future. The gorgeous Dillish shocked everyone when she said she wants nine children and 18 grand kids in her household whereas Beverly was more determined to make the best of her hustle, tampering into the acting world, starting her own lingerie line and make-up collection.

As the week progressed and boredom sneaked into the Ruby House, the Housemates decided to have an indoor party where Elikem used the remaining props to ladies sexy dresses. The party was not as pumping as the Housemates had anticipated but the booze was all the excitement they needed to get to that happy mood. Needless to say, they were all boozed up and tired before the clock struck midnight and their day was over.

Another Task was issued and Housemates were required to paint a model plane in the RwandAir colours and when they were done with that they had to duplicate the airline’s route map using the paint provided. They had to also create a promo in the form of a sketch or song which they performed wearing RwandAir t-shirts.

A test of endurance was what the Housemates had to go through this past Wednesday as all five of them had to put their right hands on a box that had pictures of the time spent in both Houses when ex-Housemates were still on The Chase. The Endurance Task tested the remaining five on their endurance as they had to put their hand on their pictures and stand there until there was one person standing. Much to our surprise, the pretty Dillish had been the last woman standing and therefore won herself a piece of jewellery worth USD 1000.

Later in the week, Biggie had called the Housemates, one-by-one into the Diary Room and gave them the last opportunity to appeal to Africa to vote for them. “What would your sales pitch be to Africa?” Biggie had asked them. Dillish told Biggie that she didn’t want to come across as desperate and was just hoping that Africa would vote for her regardless of her asking for their votes. “I prefer to go out there and speak freestyle and let it all come to me,” Melvin had said. Beverly just couldn’t wait for Sunday so she could see her family and Angelo of course but she did say that her life will change for the positive.

After those Diary sessions were done, Biggie called all the five Chasemates into the Diary Room to have an impromptu group session. Once they were in there, Biggie asked them to each tell him why they loved another. Dillish went first and said she loves her Housemates because they have formed a bond and they like joking with one another as opposed to always bashing each other and she therefore felt very humbled to have been with them. "They are very supportive, caring, rooted, ambitious and are go-getters. They are very passionate about their craft and what they do. We have differences but we'd rather focus on our similarities. I love you guys," the Ice Queen had said. Beverly stressed that they may all have their similarities and be blunt but nobody takes things personally. "We listen to everyone's opinion. I think the love is just there naturally and I wouldn't trade you guys for anyone else," Nigeria’s Melvin had said.

On Task Presentation night the Housemates brought their A game as they shed tears and laughter in celebration of life in Biggie’s House. The Housemates first presented their brilliant and to-the-point RwandAir promo before taking centre stage on the lawn to take a trip down memory lane. Cleo shed a tear as she presented her gift to Big Brother, which was made up of smiley faces, hearts, as well as various props from the House. Her fellow Housemates also presented gifts to Big Brother and thanked the big man for always being there to listen during the tough times and they ended their last Task Presentation with a bow.

The Airtel Arena Showdown challenge had to have been the most fun the Housemates have had in the greater outdoors since they entered Biggies House. They were engaged in a slippery Task where they had to collect balls and put them in their individual baskets. Beverly sat this one out due to an ankle injury and watched from the sidelines, cheering her fellow Housemates on as they slid up and down the wet jungle gyms at the Arena.

The Chasemates got a huge surprise as soon as they woke up yesterday, courtesy of Big Brother of course. They were treated to a therapeutic massage session in the Rendezvous Room where the masseuse worked each of their bodies to their satisfaction especially Beverly who was the last to get her back rubbed.

The Chase wished ex-Housemates Pokello and Feza a Happy Birthday yesterday. As much as the two divas didn’t get along much in Biggie’s House, the one thing they have in common is their birth date and Biggie did good in reminding the current Housemates too. Needless to say, Pokello’s boo Elikem had a special dedication of his own. "Happy birthday Pokello Nare, I wish you nothing but the best. I wish you enjoy your day to the fullest," Elikem exclaimed last night.

Last night’s Channel O Party had DJ Exclusive’s beats penetrating the walls of the Party Room and the Housemates went hard on the dance floor as this marked their last party together. The Nigerian DJ even took to the dance floor himself and worked it with the Housemates. Free flowing booze, good music and animal clad dancers were in the mix and it was a night that the Chasemates will not forget anytime soon.

This morning Elikem took a walk in the garden contemplating the events this day holds and possibly asked himself who would walk away with the USD 300 000 this evening. Later in the morning all Housemates had their final hairdo with Biggie’s hairstylists.

Who will win this year’s Big Brother The Chase and walk away USD 300 000 richer?

Please note: DStv channels 197 and 198 will be terminated at the end of tonight’s Live Eviction Show. Tune in for the Big Brother The Chase Live Eviction Finale from 19:00 (CAT) – 21:00 (CAT).

By Bukelwa Nkungwana


  1. Indeed it was a great party with DJ exclusive doing d thing.give it up for DJ exclusive from najia.najia nor D̶̲̥̅̊e̶̲̥̅̊Ɣ‎​ carry last and or course Melvin I̶̲̥̅̊s̶̲̥̅̊ coming home with d money.indeed he has made Africa proud.a good home trainning

  2. Melvin will win the money 4 sure.

  3. Naija for life. Melvin with the money