Sunday, August 11, 2013

Catch Up: A Week Of Giving

The past week has been one that has inspired both the Chasers and Africa as a whole as Biggie partnered up with a world recognized Campaign called ONE Campaign. All the Housemates admitted that being part of this Campaign helped them realize that a lot of work still needs to be done with aiding poverty and AIDS in the African continent.

Last Sunday saw Botswana’s Oneal leave The Chase and the woman he fell in love with, Feza. After all the votes had been counted, Oneal was seen as the weakest link and therefore his game came to an unexpected end. Oneal was one of the strongest and smartest contenders on The Chase but as we may all know Africa is the final judge of whether you stay or leave the game.

The day after Oneal’s Eviction was the beginning of a very emotion-filled week where Biggie introduced the ONE Campaign that would see the Housemates engage in different Tasks throughout the week, each day with its own theme surrounding the fight against poverty and AIDS in our lovely Africa.

Feza, who’s had to find out what life would be without her Oneal, was one of the Nominees for this week’s Eviction and this came as no surprise to her considering that she was attached to the controversial Oneal. Following pretty close behind her on the Nominations chopping board was Ethiopia’s Bimp who has been praying very hard these past few weeks, probably for sustenance and wisdom to carry on with his Chase. To finish off the Nominations list was Zambian born rapper Cleo who was Nominated by Feza, Angelo and Beverly.

Biggie had a few surprises up his sleeve in the past week, one being the Nigerian superstar Ice Prince who visited the Housemates and gave them the lowdown on the ONE Campaign in collaboration with the African Union and pretty much how and why he became an ambassador for this auspicious cause. The Housemates were beside themselves and couldn’t believe what Biggie had done, yet again. "Whether you win the money or not you guys should get involved," he motivated.

Their first Task for the week went underway as the Housemates were required to be creative once again and create a painting in celebration of the African Union’s 50th Anniversary. In addition to this, Housemates were given an info pack they had to read throughout the ONE Campaign Charity Week. They had to read, discuss and make notes on the ONE Campaign boards they were provided with and the notes were to be used in public service announcement delivery at Thursday Presentation.

When it came to Save and Replace, the Beverly weighed her options and decided to save her Ethiopian pal Bimp from the Nominations shark and replaced him with the delectable Dillish. By the end of the day, the Nominations list had been updated to Feza, Cleo and Dillish as the Nominees. Later on Dillish told her fellow Housemates that Beverly should stop avowing her because it’s making things a bit weird between the two of them.

When it came to the crunch, the Housemates negotiated and landed on a 100% Wager for the week, hoping that it would all pay off on Thursday night. To give Housemates a taste of how dire the straits can be in some parts of the continent, the Chasemates were set to go without food for a full day. Biggie had switched the power off meaning there was no electricity in the House for an entire day thus making life a tad harder than what the Chasers are used to.

The Rubies spent Tuesday evening working together on building a sculpture made out of recycled material as part of their Task for ONE Campaign Charity Week and managed to finish it on record time. Their next Task had them making the AIDS red ribbon out of 500 male condoms as they promoted safe sex and raised awareness in the fight against HIV/AIDS. The Housemates were rather proud of their masterpiece that hung so beautifully on their garden wall.

After the masterpiece had been done, the Housemates came together and extended a plea to African governments and their pockets. They asked that governments from all African countries come together and open themselves up financially in support of the cause and therefore eradicate poverty in Africa.

“Together as one we say: AU it’s time for you… to open up our budgets and deliver on your promise to spend 15% on health. Lives depend on it. Lives depend on you,” they had appealed. When their plea was done, the only thing they could talk about is how educational the week has been and how much they all needed to be part of such an initiative.

On Presentation day, the Chasers spent most of it fine tuning their speeches to Africa and helped each other get it right before presenting it to Biggie. When the time came, they all had a touching Presentation where they expressed the state Africa is in pertaining HIV/AIDS, what needs to be done and how to get involved in the fight. Some even went as far as committing themselves and using their standing in their communities to get everyone else involved. You could tell that the ONE Campaign had a lot of impact in the lives of the Housemates, for even beyond The Chase.

The little fish tank that Houses Pebbles and her friends was a hive of festivities on Thursday evening. At first Dillish didn’t want to talk to Pebbles but eventually gave in to her call. When they had been talking for a while, the rest of the Housemates came to join in the chat. Pebbles answered all their questions and finally requested them to come up with a song for the fish, like they did with the Ruby song. The Housemates agreed and said they’d get back to her.

Needless to say, Biggie was impressed with the Housemates’ Presentation and therefore awarded them their 100% Wager and they found their reward safely stored in the store room. The drinking therefore commenced and life was good again.

After winning this week's 'Power of No Task', Elikem decided to use his power to ban Bimp from participating in the Head of House Task. When Elikem revealed his decision, he held no punches. "My reason is plain and simple. At this point in the game it’s more about strategy. I will deny Bimp because if he becomes Head of House, I will be Swapped," the Ghanaian said.

Clearly this was an understandable move on Elikem’s part and who are we to judge? Elikem then set a precedence as being the first Ghanaian to make it through to the Big Brother finale and he was very humble about it.

The Housemates were separated into two groups, the red and white team, for the Airtel cook-off as they were Tasked to cook for the less fortunate. They were given ingredients for the perfect Knorr meal. They chopped onions, diced tomatoes and grilled meat for children living in a children’s home. They were all so proud of themselves having achieved a lot in just one week.

As much as Saturdays are always chilled and easy for the Chasers, yesterday had a bit of a twist to it. Yes, there was a Rendezvous session where Beverly had invited the girl she had thrown under the Nominations knife Dillish to join her for a full body massage. It’s a pity clearing a conscience can’t be that easy but at least Beverly had tried and we commend her for that.

The Housemates had also enjoyed watching video messages from their loved ones back home, encouraging them to stay smart and bring the money home. These videos had the Housemates very emotional and happy at the same time.

Then there was the Murder Mystery Event that had us a bit confused as to what it was all about. The Housemates, however, seemed to have enjoyed having the thrill and suspense of watching the actors do their thing and guess who the murderer was. Thrilling times!

To end of an awesome day, you as the viewer wouldn’t expect anything less of a Channel O Party and what better DJ than a man who calls himself Mr DeeJay. If the man’s name still leaves you unconvinced then his set when he’s behind the decks might be the push you need. Mr DeeJay had the Housemates dancing to the likes of P Square right down to Lauryn Hill. Now tell me don’t you wish you were there?

We now wait in bated breath to see who’s Chase is coming to an end and how life will continue for the remaining Housemates as we approach the much talked about finale. Good luck to all Housemates and kudos to you all for yet another successful and very informative week.

Who do you think is leaving The Chase tonight?

By Bukelwa Nkungwana


  1. Feza is leaving 4 sure

  2. I think Cleo nd Dillish are leaving tonight!!

  3. I think Feza is leaving. And i think she should be able to predict what's gonna happen tonight.

  4. God is send delish n cleo home so dat feza or bimp goes next week.I don't lik seeing most guyz in d finals

  5. If Feza survive today, oooh God and then I wil be very sure that she z got somethng to do wth satanism.

  6. Feza is anointed, did u not hear Oneal? U a safe Feza, because some of us voted for u. SA.