Sunday, August 18, 2013

Catch Up: The Week That Was!

This week started off on a rather sad note. Tanzanian singer and resident hottie Feza, was given the boot, just a week after her beau Oneal was.

As soon as she left, the remaining Chasemates toasted to the Top 7 and life went on, as it should. Monday Nominations couldn't come fast enough and Dillish, Elikem and Bimp found themselves on the Eviction gallows.

Head of House Elikem then changed things around and Saved himself, putting South Africa's Angelo up in his place instead. After the Nominations announcement, Dillish and Bimp found a quiet spot and consoled each other after their respective Nominations. A little later, the Housemates decided to put it all on the line by Wagering 100 percent for the Task. The Housemates had to create a song and a dance for sponsor Airtel.

Was Big Brother impressed? The answer is yes, because the Chasemates won their Wager in stunning fashion. Angelo on the other hand won the Power of No challenge and swiftly handed it to Elikem because "I want someone else to get the chance to be HoH. Thereafter, the Head of House Task kicked off and Bimp won. If he makes it out of tonight's Evictions unscathed, the Ethiopian will take the reins tomorrow.

Before this week wrapped, the Housemates were treated to a special song by resident fish Pebbles and her entire school. How cute was that? Something that was not particularly cute however was Melvin losing his cool. Anyways, they do say even good guys have a limit. Melvin told Dillish off in spectacular fashion. However, the two eventually smoothed things over and became firm friends again.

These two made up just in time to boogy down to the sounds dished by Ghanaian deejay Otis Fraser during the Channel O party.

By Ngeti Dlamini


  1. Melvin the Chase!!!! Nija my inlaws if u split ur votes ur loosin it so focus on one(MELVIN)cos he will definitely get more votes dan bev. I want him to win cos his on point frm day one to date.TZ luvs u!

  2. The best comment so far! Tanks luv we will do jos dat.Melvin all d way!Nija all over Africa n beyond let's do dis! On ur mass! Tightin ur seat-belt! Let's go!!!

  3. Let's all vote Melvin and not divide our vote. Cus many people loves and want melvin to win though bev too is ok we all love her too but one person must emerge the winner.