Friday, August 09, 2013

Chasemates Play In The Rain

After spending 75 days cooped up in the Big Brother House and dealing with a dry Southern African winter, the Housemates were pleasantly surprised when the heavens opened up this afternoon and showered the lawn with rain.

The Housemates, who had just wrapped up their Knorr Cookoff, stood transfixed as the rain poured. With smiles plastered on their faces, some of the Housemates decided to strip and run a lap around the garden.

Beverly, Elikem and Angelo quickly took off their microphones and ran around in the garden like little kids, while their fellow Housemates cheered them on. Dillish looked like a child as she gushed, smiled and pointed out a rainbow that had coloured the sky. "Look! A rainbow! This is beautiful," she said, while Bimp, Melvin and Feza looked up into the sky.

Within a couple of minutes, the lazy, silky threads of rain turned into hail, which shot into the ground like bullets, sending red earth and grass flying into the air in its wake.

In many parts of Africa, the rain symbolises blessings and new beginnings. Could the heavens be aligning and reminding the Housemates that someone's fortunes are set to turn around in less than three weeks’ time? Looks so!

By Ngeti Dlamini


  1. It'll certainly be a blessing. Even if u don't win d money, you can do better with urselves with ur fame

  2. Yes that signifies Elikem winning the money......#Teampolikem#

  3. He isn't d only one in d rain Abeg

  4. Pls tell him oo, my Melvin is there

  5. My beverly is dere too