Monday, August 19, 2013

Cleo's Drunken Chat With The Fish

After having had one too many, Zambia's Cleo headed to the bathroom and poured her heart out to a close friend - the House's resident fish, Tobias.

Tobias, who was minding his own business in the fish tank, was caught off guard by his visitor, who was evidently soused from the sauce and desperately needed a listening ear. Was Tobias up for the challenge of playing psychologist to a drunk Chasemate that might just win USD 300 000? You bet! What a nice little fish!

Cleo, looking worse for wear after annihilating bottle after bottle of booze, slurred through her heart to heart, telling Tobias "I'm depressed. Please don't judge me. I know the fools up there will judge me for breaking my glass. Now, today and yesterday," she said, exposing her fellow Housemates lack of decorum, to her fishy friend. Tobias listened intently as he swam about the fish tank and eventually, another inquisitive friend swam within sight.

It seems Ripples didn't have any qualms dropping whatever he was doing either and gave Cleo a listening ear after she had exchanged slurred pleasantries. The Zambian rapper couldn't resist sticking her hand in the tank to pat her friends, who had now been joined by Pebbles. She of course made it a point to remind the fish that should they pull any sneaky moves, she was ready to fight. "If you guys bite my hand, I will slaaap you. I will personally make sure you go to rehab because I'm like a drug," she said, dragging her words for dramatic effect.

After that stern warning, Tobias, Pebbles and Ripples calmed themselves and let go of any notions of ever turning carnivorous. Just as Cleo had dipped her hand in the water, Elikem walked into the bathroom, interrupting the moment. "I just came to check on you my friend. Are you okay," he asked Cleo, who nodded, pulled her hand out and stumbled to the bedroom.

Is Cleo losing her mind or does she just need someone to talk to without the fear of being judged?

By Ngeti Dlamini