Saturday, August 03, 2013

Confident Beverly

Beverly is confident enough to not be worried about possibly being put up for Eviction tomorrow.

The Nigerian Housemate has had a relatively stress free time when it comes to Nominations. Beverly has never been put on the chopping block before. When Melvin was Head of House, Beverly was assured of safety courtesy of her countryman with regards to the Swap.

This afternoon during a conversation with Feza, Beverly joined the Tanzanian with her very own predictions of who was Swapped by Elikem. "I honestly think it's between Angelo and Bimp," the Nigerian cutie said. Feza seemed to agree with her assertion and revealed it made perfect sense "You are right. I think it's between Bimp and Angelo. I think it probably is Bimp because Angelo was swapped last week. It would be so hard on him," Feza said.

So is Beverly confident she is safe because she has faith in her entertaining strategy for surviving week after week, or does she feel Elikem and her have a strong friendship that would not be jeopardised by the Ghanaian?

By Ngeti Dlamini

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