Sunday, August 18, 2013

Crowning Glory

Dillish was the first Chasemate out of the House as soon as the army of stylists made their presence known.

The cute Namibian threw her arms around everyone who was waiting in the garden and gave them a sunny hello. "Oh hello. Where have you been? It's good to see you again," she told one of the pretty ladies, who was armed with a new weave and hair brush.

As soon as she sat down, her transformation into a blonde bombshell began. Elikem, on the other hand, got his beard clipped and dyed. The Ghanaian is very fond of zany colours and couldn't stay away from the peroxide. Bimp looked depressed as he got his hair clipped. The Ethiopian cutie didn't look like he wanted to talk as he sat back on his chair with a lot on his mind.

On Monday evening, Elikem used his HoH powers to save himself from possible Eviction this week. In his place, he put Angelo up. Angelo doesn't know he has been Replaced and is set to find out during what promises to be a stunning Eviction Show tonight.

By Ngeti Dlamini


  1. But one gud reason is Angelo dd prophesied that either Malvin or him on the chop list

  2. Bimp is so desperate to win like doesn't work dat way bro!peeps lik melvin bassey montamma n sulu who aren't desp n takes d day as it comes can win or even Angelo but his too old

    1. Age does nt hve to count u started well bt by putting age ur off the road .. We all shall reach late 30ties n still hve dreams .. People dt are 60 have dreams aswell unlss they had evrything given to thm on the platter .May the Best Man or Woman win .

    2. My bad but if a man is 40 n still huzzlin my dear is a no no n he even destroyd his game by fucking a 21yrs girl on Tv.Did u heard him begging biggie to off light last 9t dat he wants to sleep! At last it was all fucking on tv @ 40yrs.Gosh.he must go bet me!