Monday, August 05, 2013

Daybreak: Curse Of The Couples Continues

Feza cut such a lonely figure, lying in bed by herself this morning.

The curse of the couples, which has seen almost all of the lovers in The Chase being parted or even booted out together - reared its ugly head once again last night. This time it was Oneal and Feza that it got its grip on.

The controversial lovebirds had their lovely romance come to a screeching halt, at least for the moment, when the Tswana fellow was sent marching home yesterday. Straight after Oneal's Eviction, Feza headed upstairs all by her lonesome and shed a few tears for her departed lover.

With her sleeping partner out of the House, the young Tanzanian has had to turn to her blankets for comfort and after spending the past few weeks sharing a bed with the Tswana guy, we can only imagine how lonely that bed must feel.

When Oneal was in the House, Ruby couple spent most of their time together, now that her man has been booted who will Feza turn to for companionship and will she survive The Chase alone?

By Lihle Jacobs


  1. Let her be alone there,dats serves her right.

  2. Rapture left her.

  3. she should ve left yday

  4. Every thing red,red devil.

    1. devil my foot... u guyz r gud in such leav the gal alone! wil support u gal

  5. she will be fine Oneal taught her wel....

  6. really????? not so sure about that .... i

  7. Aaah shame bby gal dats sad hey..mxm be strong feza.. We love u gal..S.A, Tanzania,Botswana we behind u bt hope u will meet Oneal after the game u guys rock my world big tym