Sunday, August 18, 2013

Daybreak: Eviction Day Trauma!

For the first time in as far as we can remember, the Housemates all woke up earlier than normal.

For a change, even Dillish was up and was spotted peering from under the covers.

Bimp also woke up quite early and as soon as he stepped into his house slippers, headed for the garden. The Ethiopian Housemate pulled out a cigarette, took a long drag and stared into space. This handsome Chasemate certainly looked he has a lot on his mind.

Could tonight's Evictions be wreaking havoc on the Housemates nerves? You bet! Tonight marks the final Evictions of the season and whoever survives the dreaded chop, sails comfortably into the Top 5 and a step closer to a stunning USD 300 000 prize.

Three people are up for possible Eviction tonight. Dillish, Angelo and Bimp are in grave danger of a pre- Finale exit. Whose dreams will be shattered tonight? Who is going to be given the boot?

By Ngeti Dlamini


  1. Let d 3go home biggie!

  2. Good luck to all the nominees u made us proud even though we are lft with borites nw let nxt come already

  3. Biggie d way Bimp is carring bible since dis week hop der wouldn't be causalty in to9t eviction wen his name will be called on stage. Biggie get Ambulance ooooooooooh cos dat wat happens to a desperate soul.hahahahaha Bimp is relax God has already choosen d winner b4 d audition.

    1. Hahahahahaha too desperate 4my likin