Friday, August 23, 2013

Daybreak: Housemates Going Crazy?

After 89 days spent cooped up in the Big Brother House, away from everything and everyone that they know and love, it looks like some of the Housemates are starting to put the ‘cray’ in crazy.

"You made it man, top five, final week," Elikem said, talking to himself. "You came here, you seen and conquered all. A couple of Heads of House and a couple of arena wins," he added.

The young Ghanaian was outside in the garden all by his lonesome when he decided to struck up a conversation with himself to let him know just how proud he is of himself. Huh, what? We don't know either!

But what we do know though, is that the Ghana man is not the only one of the top five Housemates that is displaying irrational behaviour.

Just a few days ago, it was Cleo, who had a booze fuelled heart to heart with one of the House's resident fish, Tobias. "I'm depressed. Please don't judge me. I know the fools up there will judge me for breaking my glass," she told her little buddy.

Two days ago, Beverly confessed to Biggie that she hears voices in her head. "The voice in my head sounds just like me. Sometimes, it tells me to accept the negative, which I don't. Other times it's positive and makes me happy," the feisty Nigerian said.

It seems that the Housemates are starting to lose their minds a little. But hey we are not going to judge, if we had to be out of touch from the real world for so long, we would probably go a little crazy too.

By Lihle Jacobs


  1. The buttshaker who cheated his way to HOH several times and admitted self of cheating.Elikem will only get Ghana vote come Sunday.

    1. Hey Nando!.. stop d beef!..u just a loser..simple n plain

    2. Wowwwww…..I love that Elikem who’s just living his fabulous life is such a threat to ‘some’ people. Elikem is genuinely loved and his fans don’t have to put other housemates down –to BIG him up… Elikem all the way!!!!

  2. Join team Dillish, the team with good people, no hating, no swearing, no persuasive, the team with no grudges. JUST LOVE. the team that's voting for their favorite housemate, but not because others r bad. MUCH LOVE AFRICA.

  3. MELVIN!
    is destined 2win ds Chase com Sunday dat is Y he wasn't EVEN nominated
    by d HMs normaly & especialy d last time; remeba he is even d last
    HOH presently. He hs ALL d qualities:
    (1) Obidient (2) Intelligent (3) Faithful (4) Calm (5) Humble (6) Simple
    (7) Honest (8) Judgment - gud leader wt no bias (9) Smart &
    handsome (10) Smiling face/kind hearted.
    So shll he have 10 COUNTRIES' VOTE as folos: Nigeria, SouthAfrica
    (Angelo said it on his eviction night dat Melvin shll b d Winner),
    Ethopia (Bimp said d same), Angola, Uganda, Malawi, Zimbabwe (No inalw
    issue ds time), Bostwana, Serraleon &d rest of Africa.
    If u r frm Nigeria, kindly text VOTE MELVIN frm any netwok 2ds Nos.
    34350. If u r frm anoda country text VOTE MELVIN to 414. Thanks &
    GOD bless.

    1. Ha ha not South Africa please!! South Africa, Botswana is sure for Bevs as for others I dont know!!!

  4. Ha ha Elikem shame you will never taste the dollars let me tell you and your fans come Sunday you will be Prezzofied or Munyarised or Luclayfied.Watch this space!!The winning team is Teamunderdogs and they know themselves!!

    1. Why are you so threatened by Elikem? Why do you have to bring him down to big up Beverley? Is it because you truly believe she will win? I feel soooo sorry for you.

  5. Team underdogs will spoil the party come sunday!!!

  6. My 9jaa pple sef!!!!!!! Letz watch απϑ see.

  7. My predictions for Sunday results are: (Not in alphabetical order)

    Dillish: Namibia,Kenya and Malawi

    Cleo: Zambia and Zim

    Melvin:Nigeria and Angola
    Elikem: Ghana
    Beverley; SA,Bots,ROA,SL,Ethiopia and Uganda

  8. Last Anonymous u are so right menh.keep the voting coming.i am voting non stop.

  9. Melvin all the way ..he is the man bigger you brother ..if you don't come home with that money remain in south africa ..kidding lol u deserve it dude..up africa up Nigeria..

  10. Giving my last push for Beverley the underdog, the one abondoned by her country and adopted by South Africa and Botswana.Miracles happen and me and my group are pushing so hard my fingers are sometimes numb.Tanzania is the only swinging state at this particular juncture.Here in Botswana we are having a lockdown for our Queen Bverley!!

  11. I can’t wait for this show to be over, all that hate shown, especially by some nationals is sooooooooo shocking and ugly… Makes me love Elikem more.