Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Daybreak: Lazy Chasemates

This morning, only Angelo, Beverly, Cleo and Melvin got up to exercise with the trainer. Could Housemates be reserving all their energy for today's exciting One Campaign Task? Looks more than likely. Angelo, as usual, was the first to wake up. The South African kept the trainer company as they stretched and jumped around.

Elikem decided to sleep in, possibly because of his early morning conversation with Cleo and Melvin. Feza on the other hand slept in as well but seemed to wake up with more energy than usual. The Tanzanian swiftly headed for the bathroom to do her laundry and seemed to have a lot on her mind as she squeezed her clothes. Could she have been thinking about her second Nomination in as many weeks?

Dillish, who fancies herself a Disney princess, couldn't be bothered and caught up with her beauty sleep. Big Brothers own modern day sleeping beauty?

By Ngeti Dlamini


  1. Biggie ur comments abt delish hmmmmmmmmm shaking my head cos dis isn't a beauty contest mind u!

  2. Lol...biggie is liking Dilish let him not come and tell me that Ice queen is evicted.

  3. Biggie, This is the worst Boring Housemates I've ever seen! NO ENTERTAINMENT @ ALL!!! Amplified still tops.... I miss Lukaren, Luweza, Ms P, Wendell. From the last year one, Keagen, Talia, Wati, Lady Maymay... Wow! That was awesome. Hmmm...

  4. I miss Sulu, Natasha and Bassey they were the most entertaining housemates. Angelo and Beverly are the most boring for me. Voting Cleo for the mula.

  5. Those three were the entertainers. Ruby house was even cleaner due to Bassie n Natasha. I miss u guys. The CHASE is BOOORRRIIINNGGG