Friday, August 16, 2013

Daybreak: A Much Needed Exercise

After a drunken night following the Housemates’ victory on their Task Presentation, the Housemates felt that their exercise routine was a must, except Bimp of course who was busy reading the good book. Could he be fearing the Eviction monster that’s been hovering over him the entire week? Hmmm.

Today’s workout routine was as intense as any other day but Angelo was the first to show interest in keeping his body fit and as soon as Cleo and Melvin were up, they joined the few that were already working their upper and lower bodies.

The trainer seemed to have given the Housemates a break in terms of the routine itself as they started off with stretching the body and then did leg exercises that saw them waking up a bit. Following that they all laid on their stomachs and made as if they were swimming thus toning both the abdomen and thighs. You could see that these were much needed exercises as the Housemates struggled to keep their legs in the air.

Today the Housemates are preparing for the day ahead, especially with the Airtel Showdown Arena coming up. Every game needs good exercise and this is what they got thanks to the trainer. Rise and definitely shine Chasemates.

When it comes to exercises, who is the laziest this season?

By Bukelwa Nkungwana

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