Sunday, August 04, 2013

Daybreak: Sleeping Beauties

It’s a Sunday and all the Housemates slept in this morning after they had fun at the Channel O Party where DJ Vision brought the House down. A nice surprise was when Cleo’s video was played for the first time and even she was shocked.

Today’s Nominees Oneal, Feza and Bimp, will be looking forward to their complimentary hairdos that will have them all dolled up and prepared for the Eviction show tonight. The pressure in the game has now mounted and tensions are spiraling out of control so the rest that the Housemates are getting this morning is a much needed one.

Angelo was the first to be awake and he headed straight for the fridge where he helped himself to some fruit, trying to suppress a well-earned hangover perhaps? He and his girl Beverly had drunken confessions again last night where they reaffirmed their relationship where Angelo told Beverly to just relax because no matter what happens they’ll always be together, even beyond Big Brother.

It’s a good thing that the couple has no threat of Eviction hovering over their heads so they can have the freedom to explore how far they can take their relationship. Hopefully it will have a happy ending.

Do you think Angelo and Beverly will stand the test of time on the outside?

By Bukelwa Nkungwana

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