Sunday, August 11, 2013

Daybreak: Sleepy Heads

One thing The Chase has become famous for is the awesome parties that Biggie throws for his Housemates and last night was no different. A a party of epic proportions would definitely leave the Chasers wanting more time in lala land.

With Uganda’s Mr DeeJay on the decks, there was no other way but to live it up on the dance floor as he catered for all the Chasers with his song choice. The lovely ladies of the Ruby House were not shy to get down in their stylish high-heeled shoes and the guys were as representable. The night was a heavy one hence our Chasemates had to sleep it all off.

Angelo’s woman Beverly probably needed the most sleep out of all of them as she proved herself as quite the drunken master with stunts that had a few of her fellow Housemates in stitches. After what was an awesome session in the Party Room, the Nigerian model had to be ‘assisted’ to bed twice after having a wee too much to drink and we all know how much our beloved Beverly likes her drinks. Surprisingly enough, she was the first to rise this morning but because her pals were still asleep, she chose to spend much needed time reading the good book. Looking for some guidance perhaps???

What surprises do you think Biggie has for tonight’s Evictions?

By Bukelwa Nkungwana


  1. I wonder what Biggie is going to do Bev saying to Angelo she feel sorry for Dillish. Bev must be punished

  2. If biggie does not give Bev a strike then he is not been fair, on no account is she supose to let anybody know she replaced Dillish, she has broKen the rule of the game she deserves to be purnish.

  3. Bev this , Bev that! Is she d only housemate doing stuffs in the house? Plz stop dis obsessive hatred for her. 4 all we know she is acting wild n all as a strategy so plz reduce d hate or just pretend u don't see her. Too much talk against such a young girl

  4. I feel sorry 4 Dillish can mean anything, abeg leave her alone

  5. She have to live to bring her mom back

  6. Oh talking about the drinkng master" she must be disqualified once and fo all. She z a disgrace to wemen.