Thursday, August 08, 2013

Daybreak: Take No Prisoners

The lazy Housemates got a much needed rude awakening this morning.

When the Chasemates first came into the House, eleven weeks ago, they were pumped up and full of enthusiasm towards every little thing but over the past few weeks some of them have become a little too comfortable in Biggie's House and started being complacent.

But heck no Biggie don't play that! And that is the lesson that the Rubies learned the hard way today. Early in the morning the Big Brother personal trainer stormed into the Ruby bedrooms to wake up the Housemates for their daily exercise, the lazy folk that did not want to wake up on their own were in for a big surprise, he peeled off their blankets one by one and gave them marching orders to head downstairs.

In the living room/ makeshift home gym it was take no prisoners. The fitness trainer was like a drill sergeant, working their bodies to the max. And despite their protestations, everyone obliged with the trainers demands except for Feza who decided to plant herself on the couch. Hmmm, maybe Feza did not get the memo. No pain no gain lady!

By Lihle Jacobs

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