Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Diary: Beverly The Saint

This week has been an inspiration to the Chasemates as they got in touch with the sensitive issue around HIV/AIDS and an opportunity to use their status to help spread the word about safe sex.

In her Diary session, Biggie asked Beverly how she managed during their fasting yesterday and she told him fasting is no problem for her because she’s used to it because it’s something that she usually does, although she admitted that she was hungry at some point in that exercise.

“There are people that don’t know where their food is coming from, at least we knew that we still have food,” said the Nigerian model. She expressed how painful it is to live in a continent where poverty is part of the AIDS pandemic and is increasing immensely each day. When the ONE Campaign started in the beginning of this week, she had told Biggie that she is familiar with the concept of giving because her mother adopted a few children they all take care of.

A good heart is what this video vixen has and she knows what it means to be poor and not able to afford the things you want. Her success in life is a result of the hardships she’s had to endure and by the looks of her free spirited self, she intends on enjoying her young life to the fullest. Beverly intends on continuing in her mother’s footsteps and spreading the news that AIDS is not a death sentence. It looks like Biggie has instilled a lot of good in our Chasemates on The Chase but more so during the ONE Campaign week. Hopefully they will practice what they preach.

By Bukelwa Nkungwana


  1. That's my girl!

  2. Dear Bev, did you use any form of protection against AIDS in that bathtub? #justcurious