Monday, August 05, 2013

Diary: A Charitable Heart

This week Big Brother and ONE Campaign have come together to raise awareness about poverty in Africa and have therefore dedicated this week’d Tasks in the House to that cause. The Housemates during their Diary sessions told Biggie about how charitable they are now feeling thanks to the cause.

In her session, Nigerian model and video vixen Beverly told Biggie that charity for her literally began at home where her mother had adopted children who are still living in their house today. “My mother taught me how to be charitable Biggie, when I was young she used to take my small dresses to the disadvantaged so that’s where I got that from,” she said with pride.

When Biggie asked her how she feels about the ONE Campaign that was introduced today, she said that she was honoured to be part of such an influential campaign and is very proud to have the opportunity to put her voice out there to fight poverty in Africa. “I couldn’t finish university because I didn’t have money but I would fight for free education and help poor women and children,” she adamantly.

Ethiopia’s Bimp was very emotional as he thanked Africa for allowing him yet another week in the House. “It’s been a week of emotional rollercoasters Biggie and I’m so grateful to Africa for saving me,” he said in gratitude. This fine Ethiopian wasn’t entirely chuffed about IK prank last night when he told him that he had to leave the lounge and go anywhere in the House because he was safe. “That just added to my week of rollercoasters, it was one hell of an experience,” he added.

He also told Biggie that he was honoured to be part of the ONE Campaign because he wants to be able to reach out to Africa in whatever he does in life. “Cleo and I were talking about how we would like to do something similar just last night, so it’s weird that this campaign came through today,” Bimp said. He added that if Africa can keep an educated personnel then we would be able to do massive things for our continent. “If you are educated then you should bring that knowledge back to your community and your country,” he said eager.

However, like others, he was very humbled by the cause and was confident that him and his fellow Housemates would use the podium to bring change.

“Never tire to do good” is a phrase that most Africans, or even the world, should live by given the current situation with poverty and abuse to women and children, it's no wonder the Housemates are inspired.

The ONE Campaign is an initiative that allows all members of society to come together and go some good to the benefit of the disadvantaged. It’s no wonder the ONE Ambassador Ice Prince got on board and helped spread the good cause, especially to the Chasemates who have become prominent members of society and would do a good job to further the cause. One love, one blood and one Africa!

By Bukelwa Nkungwana

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