Thursday, August 01, 2013

Diary: Corporate vs Entertainment Industry

Growing up we all aspired to be successful, be in the office behind a desk or in the entertainment industry either singing or acting. The lovely Dillish shared with Biggie that as much as she has always been keen on the corporate environment, being on The Chase has opened her up to the entertainment industry in a very big way.

This week’s Task is about the Housemates putting together a comedy show and we all know there’s a lot of pre-planning that goes into any successful show.

Following most of the Tasks we’ve seen so far in the show, it’s no wonder Dillish has been inspired to cross over to the fun world of creative television. “Even Elikem said that he would like to take me back to Ghana so I can pursue an acting career,” the Namibian beauty said. Clearly she’s very interested in being on TV and it seems she would make a good actress if her performances on past Tasks are anything to go by.

Although Dillish’s passion has been in the corporate world where suits, reports and deals are the order of the day, she told Biggie that that kind life can be so predictable and inevitably boring whereas the entertainment industry has always got some surprises in every corner, some good and some quite bad.

It’s the thrill of never knowing what’s going to happen next and it looks like our beautiful Dillish has been bitten hard. At least she has a music video that she was part of out there, so that’s a start. Namibia stand up!

Do you think Dillish would make a good actress outside of Biggie’s House?

By Bukelwa Nkungwana

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