Thursday, August 01, 2013

Diary: 'I Miss Being Kissed' - Dillish

"I miss being with children, I miss my boyfriend, I miss being kissed,” Dillish shared with Big Brother during her Diary Session in the afternoon.

Having stayed on the Chase for 10 weeks and still counting, it's clear that nature has started calling for the Namibian beauty. Dillish who has of late become close to Melvin seems to have formed a bond with the Nigerian and just yesterday, she played a little kiss game with him. She surely can't wait to link up with her boyfriend after the show.

There are lots of hunky gents in the Big Brother house who would be willing to help out Dillish with what she's currently missing but being the strong and faithful girlfriend that she is, she's keeping her word and not ready to cheat on him.

Well, hang in their Dillish-ious, it's only a few weeks to go!

By Joe Owakabik


  1. Sorry my Dilish,pls allow my Melvin

  2. I rarely praise women but this Namibian girl Dillish is well nurtured, a true African lady, if this money prize is for a true well behaved African ,then Dillish is the possible winner, Go Girl you have what it takes to be my daughter in-law!!!