Friday, August 16, 2013

Dillish Tries To Smooth Things With Melvin

Things between good buddies Dillish and Melvin have taken a turn for the sour.

This drift between the usually playful pair came earlier in the evening when Dillish made a joke of the Nigerian's past involving a cheating ex that he took back again. This was after he had first made a comment about her not knowing much about relationships because she has only been in one real long term relationship.

Melvin did not take kindly to her making fun of something that he clearly was still dealing with; to the point that he even cursed at her and for most of the evening the Ruby lad has not been his usual bubbly self instead he has mostly kept to himself.

The Housemates got increasingly worried seeing the Nigerian so quiet all night. Elikem stepped in and tried his best to make Dillish see that Melvin probably feels betrayed because he told her something in confidence and she in turn made light of a serious situation in front of everyone. "Kiss and make up. That's the only way," he urged.

After that the Namibian approached the Nigerian and asked: "Melvin you are mad at me right; only me right?" He answered: "Yeah I am pissed off". She offered to go upstairs and talk things out with him but he mumbled what seemed like a decline and she got up and walked away.

"If it is me then I am sorry. I shouldn't have said you won't get a girlfriend because you are telling people to shut up," Cleo apologised. Aww, it is so sad to see the usually tight top 7 family not getting along. Let's just keep hoping that they will work things out soon.

By Lihle Jacobs


  1. poor for sure melvin said h lvs our dillish...go for it melish!!

  2. melvin God.....left 2 me alone him go hang river b dt oooo...well elikem too turn advisor in bba...i wonder y him no apologise 2 nando b4 him left too...hypocrite game(hg)....

  3. Yes!!!.... Melvin is a god in big brother house... Its nt his fault dat he's well respected. Instead of insultin him, learn on hw ppl shld respect u, cos he's one guy everybody respects in BBA.... Melvin just 4give her.... She is only a child

  4. Anoymous 8.56Am yoou are a pyscho. Melvin is the best behaved boy this season. He is a man with intergrity and home training ok hence you can not hate him without cause or compare him with a criminal.Entertainment is not threating someone's life but showing love to all including Dilish who is now a betrayer of trust. Naija-Clor-Pocobia say so

  5. Am not a nigerian but delish saying Melvin trust too much isn't dat a credit cos d melvin I hav seen is a guy wt trust n gud heart.he is d best in dis game God knows.Delish n Cleo are on der strategy plans:wat entertainmt has d brot in dis bba? Is only hakeem dat made cleo know cos of der rship n apart from dat Cleo hasn't given any entertainmt all she does is faking n pretending.Am not a nigerian but wat delish did is totally wrong.Dis is a strategy to distroy someone dat believs in God(Melvin) n he will fight 4him! If melvin isn't entertaining y is he alwayz infront in all der house task? Look @ d campigne video d did,melvin's video is leading wt 98% n otherss still @20,see d T-shirt designd on point,see d cooking explanation he gav us d babalala dances! Melvin! As u alwayz say: wt God wat will be will be,May God bless n Crown u ijn Amen.

  6. Those who care the most hurt the most.sorry Melvin, forgive herand move on.

  7. Dillish I'm afraid ur chase also ends here. #with IKs voice#

    1. Pls 4give our dellishious, na pressure cause am o!

  8. This is a better write-up. Most of the times BB stories are so badly written in grammar and spelling, one would wonder if BB employs only trainee journalists to do it for him.

  9. its normal, dere most always bi mis-undastdx among friends its only to mke thier friendship more stronger.. Melvin will undast n 4giv her. trust mi