Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Dry Lip Syndrome

It looks like the dry lips syndrome has hit the Ruby House in a bad way, we might attest this to a variety of things like the South African climate at this time of the year of the fact that these lips haven’t seen any action in the longest time. Melvin complained that people think he exaggerates when he licks his lips but it’s due to the fact that he has dry lips…period.

The Housemates had a fun evening chatting away in their living room when they started on the topic of dry lips, specifically that of Nigerian model Melvin. The girls Dillish and Cleo thought Melvin over exaggerates his lips licking sessions and his tongue is always sticking out when he does this. Dillish even had a disgusted look on her face as she demonstrated what Melvin usually does.

“When I first came to SA, I got injured seriously and I licked my lips because they were sore,” Melvin said in an attempt to justify his lip licking habit. He said that coming to South Africa made him lick his lips more because of the dry weather. Cleo also agreed that she licks her lips but not as often or intense as Melvin does.

Elikem also admitted that he has chapped lips and that back home nobody uses lip balm and lip gloss because they can just easily lick their lips. Cleo told the gang that her lips are almost always dry and she has now lost her lip gloss in the House. She also agreed with Dillish that Melvin licks his lips like American rapper LL Cool J. It looks like Biggie is going to have to add lip balm in the Housemates’ shopping list.

Who do you think licks their lips the most in the House?

By Bukelwa Nkungwana



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