Friday, August 09, 2013

Elikem and Feza Come Clean

Tonight Housemates sat at the kitchen table talking about matters that had happened in the past on The Chase. Feza felt that she needed to set the record straight, and possibly come clean, about her relations with Elikem and especially Pokello.

Feza told her fellow Housemates that when she and Pokello had been in the Diamond House together, they had an exchange of words and when they were back in the Ruby House, Elikem and Oneal forced them to make peace. Pokello had told Feza that she was saying bad things about her because she simply could and Feza told her the same.

Elikem defended himself and cleared his side of things by telling Feza that he and Oneal never discussed Feza’s swap prior to the Friday she left for the Diamonds. Feza had felt that nobody defended her in the Diamond House and Elikem told her that he was not the cause of her disappointment. “I told Oneal that Feza didn’t mind being swapped,” said the Ghanaian tailor. So obviously Feza had her own plans and they didn’t include her boo Oneal at that particular juncture.

As the exchange got more heated between Elikem, Feza and the rest of the crew, Elikem felt strongly about the man he had become on The Chase and he wasn’t particularly happy with himself. “If this was all up to me, I’d keep quiet and not talk to anyone about my feelings, but because we are here and this is a game, I feel that I need to open up,” he said passionately. He was clearly feeling that he has betrayed himself all because of the possibility of winning the grand prize. It kind of makes you wonder who the real Elikem is.

But as soon as the air was cleared, Feza and Elikem agreed that it is what it is and the rest of the gang was all too keen for the popping of the second bottle of booze. Happy times are here again.

By Bukelwa Nkungwana


  1. That's great and I would like to see them next week then I'll believe
    So am voting for Fezza now and see how enteresting the game will be,
    Hope you stay Fezza,
    Got votes from Malawi........Cleo out

  2. Vote from malawi? Hell no.....malawi is not voting for feza.....hell NO

  3. I hope big brother can organize a peace talk between Nando (who also need to apologize), Elikem and Oneal. it will mean a lot for all African watching if we can see them shaking hand on the finally.