Saturday, August 24, 2013

Elikem's Birthday Love For Pokello

"Happy birthday Pokello Nare, I wish you nothing but the best. I wish you enjoy your day to the fullest," Elikem exclaimed this evening.

"I love you baby from Elikem Kumordzie, the tailor," added the young Ruby fellow just before he blew an adoring kiss into the cameras for his woman. Aww, how sweet!

The rest of the Housemates also joined the Ghanaian in sending his girl birthday wishes. "Happy birthday Pokello," they all shouted out at the end of their karaoke session.

All day long the Ghana man has been giving shout outs to the Zimbabwean ex-Housemate, who is turning one year older. Earlier on, he even hinted that he had a surprise waiting for his boo, when the two reconcile after the show ends tomorrow night. We wonder what it could be!

Tanzanian ex-Housemate, Feza is also celebrating her birthday today along with Pokello and we hope both ladies have had a super day.

By Lihle Jacobs


  1. Happy Birthday PoKiLem,May u see many more years Together!!!!!!

  2. Delish is talking rubbish right now! Alcohol in d system!

  3. Ohw.... Let this shit end!!!! The most boring end to any BBA. Only Cleo and Elikem are near real. The other fools are fake and unitertaining. Look at how this Dilish woke up in the last week to become the most embarrassingly noisy hsmt bb hs evr seen, look at that chimney girl and the actionless fool. But, know what? That's where the money's going. At least, we will forget about them soon