Saturday, August 03, 2013

Evicted Annabel Plans To Team Up With Elikem

Kenyan BBA Evictee Annabel Mbaru says she plans to team up with Elikem the Taylor from Ghana when this season of Big Brother The Chase is over.

The contestant, who is currently studying for a Master’s Degree, says that the two of them often spoke in the house about teaming up in future, to grow their fashion brands.

“Elikem has a passion for fashion. We spoke at length about working together after leaving the house. In fact, we discussed having something like The Chase Tour, where we would have everyone on board doing what they do best; Cleo and Feza with their music, and other stuff like that,” said the ex-housemate at a press conference shortly after she arrived from South Africa.

Annabel or Anna Banana if you like, says being in the house has made her realize how tolerant and respectful she is of herself and of people’s opinions.

“Everything you do in that house is down to the individual… Big Brother is a fantastic platform, but it’s time-bound so there has to be a plan.”

She feels that of the couples that formed in the house, Cleo and Hakeem stood out.

“I can’t say whose relationship will survive outside the house, but Cleo and Hakeem had something there. It was nice to see LK4 and Koketso together as well!”

Kenya’s fake housemate Melvin Alusa was grateful for his stint in the house, and said that he felt he succeeded in doing what the Emeralds had set out to achieve: throw the game into turmoil!

Airtel Kenya’s Brand and Corporate Communications Director Dick Omondi said that as a company they hope to connect people and help them realize their dreams. He said being on the tremendously popular show was also helping Africa galvanise the issues it is facing and give an accurate portrayal of who Africans are and how they relate to each other.

M-Net’s East Africa Regional Manager Risper Muthamia said that Africa Magic will continue working to deliver on African content, created by Africans – to create and build African personalities.

True to its word, Africa Magic is set to deliver a string of new programmes this August, African content created by Africans.


  1. But ur dress sense is awful Annabanna,dnt think u gat d skill for d fashion industry.

  2. Gud luck wth that Annabel,wish u all the best.

  3. Nice idea.....i pray it works

  4. Mtshewwwww...nonsense talk...she wants 2 team up now...I didn't evn see her fasion sense thruout...esp as she's busty...Next!

  5. That eviction dress waan`t on point anna banana. And d bra too. Go 4 proper bra fitting plssss.