Sunday, August 04, 2013

Eviction Diaries: Sadness and Nerves

During what could be her final Diary Session, Tanzanian singer Feza, told Big Brother how she will be leaving the game proud of herself.

"I'm leaving the House proud of who I am. I have really grown as a person and hope I wasn't misunderstood. My time in the House has helped me be more patient with others and has showed me I can be a great leader," the Tanzanian cutie said.

Oneal on the other hand revealed how nervous he is for Feza in particular. Does he also think his lady love is exiting the game? "To be honest with you Biggie, I'm more nervous for Feza than I am for myself. I don't know if she will be able to handle anything that might happen tonight the way I would. If it were up to me, it would have happened differently. Instead of the both of us being up, it should have been one of us up," the Tswana Housemate said.

When quizzed about how he has played the game, Oneal revealed how he takes pride in the fact that he always stayed true to who he is. "My fellow Housemates were saying they love each other when made their speeches during the Airtel Picnic. I found that laughable. I told them I don't love them, but I like them instead. They couldn't understand why I would say that and said as much later, but I'm myself and am open at all times," Oneal said.

Bimp has no idea he was Swapped by Elikem and could be up for possible Eviction tonight. Instead of Bimp going to the Diary Room, Elikem sat on the hot seat. The Ghanaian told Big Brother how he and Bimp hashed out their differences earlier in the week and their relationship has changed. "I don't know how he will take the realisation that he was swapped. It's something that has to be done anyway," Elikem said.

Tonight is set to be one of the most dramatic Eviction night's we've ever lived through. Who is going home? Could it be the end of the Oneza dynasty, or is Bimp on his way home?

By Ngeti Dlamini


  1. What do you mean could be? It is her last diary session its written in the stars! She gone! Its about damn time!

  2. Wow wow Oneal out

  3. I luv Oneal no longer watching Just like Pokie punished fr something else thnk u africa till next year