Saturday, August 31, 2013

Fatima Plays Down Love Triangle With LK4, Koketso: 'I Am In A Happy Relationship'

Fatima, one of the two female Malawians who represented the flag in the reality show Big Brother Africa- The Chase has played down reports that she’s in a love triangle.

There have been reports in Uganda that the country’s Big Brother Africa contestant LK4 is in a love triangle with Malawi’s Fatima and Koketso a former housemate from South Africa.

Reports claimed LK4 and Fatima have kicked off a steamy saucy affair “behind” Koketso.

The two former housemates kicked off a steamy saucy affair just during the few days to Sunday Big Brother Africa grand finale which they all attended.

Koketso’s followers in South Africa have turned the heat on Fatima by posing foul comments on Fatima’s twitter account accusing her of snatching LK4.

When contacted for comment Fatima played down the reports.

“To comment on the rumours that have rife about a possible love triangle involving me and two other ex-Chasemates, I will start by pointing out that sometimes, sith reality television shows like Big Brother Africa, things are not always what they seem,” said Fatima.

“They have a way of portraying several parallel realities so to speak depending on whether you are looking at it from the perspective of the people actually on the show, the producers or the thousands of viewers at home. And because of that situations are often manipulated to suit whichever reality one wants to but into. And at the of it all, life goes on but some how viewers remain hung up on the subjects and extend whatever emotions they may have had for them out here into the real world,” she explained.

Fatima bemoaned that since she left the BBA, she has been “wrongfully placed” in love relationships that she was never in.

“The Chase is over and the housemates must be left alone to get on with their lives as they see fit,” she advised.

“I for one do not want my private life to be lated up for public consumption,” Fatima said.

She however warned against defaming her character through creation of false stories, saying “I will not sit by and watch as more and more mud is thrown at me.”

Fatima dismissed the love triangle, saying she was happy in a relationship.

“Yes, I am in a happy relationship with someone,” she said.

She did not disclose the partner but strongly dismissed that her relationship started at the BBA grand finale and is not a triangle.

“And I will add that it is only to let the other parties that are being dragged into this spaek for themselves too as I do not want to answer questions on their behalf,” she said.

Meanwhile, LK4 could not admit if his relationship with Koketso was still on or over and could not confirm nor deny about seeing Fatima.

Fatima, 30, represented Malawi alongside compatriot Natasha Tonthola, 26, who was evicted a week after her.

By Thom Chiumia / Nyasa Times


  1. Fatima ...! Really??

    1. lk4 and koketso were not nice couple,i hated that couple,lk4 is not handsome..koketso look for better lover not lk4..lk4 oh! plis

  2. But Fatima is always a 3rd wheel in these relationships. I also dont trust that Lk4.

  3. Fatima!!!!! Ah. Must it always be you? Hakeem... Elikem... Now Lk4? Get a life woman

  4. Fatima? Must it always be you? It was Hakeem... Elikem... Now Lk4? Please get a life.

  5. That pic of LK4 and Fatima just disgusts me! What a downgrade if there's any truth to it! Well according 2 twitter LK4 is now licking his wounds and wants Koke back so badly, she's making him work for it tough and boy is she one hard nut to crack, well see.

  6. LK4 realised he screwed up and has been tweeting things about forgiveness etc, hmm LK4 why ruin a good thing though? Hope she forgives him, they look good together. Guess it all depends on what really happened for it to get to this.. hmm?? Good luck to both of them.