Friday, August 16, 2013

Feature: The Future Of Bengelo!

Bengelo is the last standing couple in the House having survived the 'curse of the couples'.

After the likes of Cleo and Elikem lost their loved ones to Evictions, we saw LK4 and Koketso booted out together while Bolt and Betty, as well as Oneza followed each other out of The Chase.

As much as we love Bengelo and wish them all the best in their relationship, it seems Africa is not entirely convinced.

We ran a poll recently about what Big Brother Africa fans thought about Beverly and Angelo's relationships and the results prove that this looks like one of those convenient arrangements.

With 793 fans convinced that the two are just enjoying each other's company for now. A close second came in with 779 votes saying "there's no love here, they will separate after BBA".

There are 573 that have no doubt at all that the two love each other but also know that they will still separate after The Chase.
Then how mean can people be though? a whole 486 think the two are just using each other. Anyway, there's no hope lost as a certain fraction of the respondents believe that the two are a solid couple and may get married.

We still wish our Bengelo stay together and have all the fun in the outside world. What about you?

By Lindiwe Nkonyane


  1. They compliment each other,I wish them all the best outside bigbrother house,for me they r the most entertaining in the house