Saturday, August 24, 2013

Feature: Less Than 10 Voting Hours Left!

With less than 10 hours left of Voting, Africa’s decision on who should walk away with the ultimate prize of USD300 000 will soon be sealed.

The stage is set, the artists have landed and final touches are being done to ensure that The Chase Finale is the best that Africa has ever witnessed.

Big Brother Africa is synonymous with class, style and quality and tomorrow’s two-hour Live Grand Finale will certainly not disappoint.

Our social networks are abuzz and with over 500 000 viewers across Africa talking about Big Brother Africa on Facebook at any given time, it’s a clear indication that Africa cannot wait to crown their Winner on Sunday.

On Twitter, we’re sitting on 468 909 followers and we wonder how many more will be joining us as we put The Chase to bed. Will we hit the 500 000 mark soon? The numbers keep rising so anything is possible.

What Africa is failing to come to grips with is the fact that The Chase is really coming to an end tomorrow. After spending 91 days of one’s life glued to Channel 197 and 198, concerns of how to fill the void are rife. That’s exactly how Big Brother Africa makes Africa feel.

The great news is that it will all end with a two hour bumper special Grand Finale. Check out what some Big Brother Africa fans had to say:

@ktee02 - Can biggie add 10daysMore pls*crying*im sooo inluv wit d top5#BBATheChase @BigBroAfrica

@daviva4 - I wonder d reality shw I wl switch 2. After 2mao.@BigBroAfrica ,u d best, u gat m glued 2 ma tv 4 90dayz..thumbs up!!!#BBATheChase

@pearlkarenice - I can't wait for nervous as if I'm one of the top 5#BBAthechase @BigBroAfrica

@Shonsho33 - I am going to miss @BigBroAfrica wonderful 3months we had! *tear drop*

@WinnyShimwandi - @Bigbroafrica please leave the channel open till th HMates depart,, let th planes b last thng we'l c.... #BBATheChase

It’s not over till it’s over so, tonight Dj Xclusive shuts down the Channel O Party at 22:00 CAT and it promises to be the Party of the Season in the House.

The Grand Finale will be spiced by none other than Nigeria's Ice Prince Zamani, Uganda's Keko, Ghana's R2bees as well as South Afica's Dj Ganyani.

So, Africa let your fingers do the talking as the Voting lines will be closed before you know it.

Who will walk away with the ultimate prize of USD 300 000?

By Lindiwe Nkonyane


  1. Beverly u rock tonight menhhh.the money is urs babe!!!

  2. Melvin for τ̲̅ђε̲̣ money

    1. MELVIN!
      is destined 2win ds Chase com Sunday dat is Y he wasn't EVEN nominated
      by d HMs normaly & especialy d last time; remeba he is even d last
      HOH presently. He hs ALL d qualities:
      (1) Obidient (2) Intelligent (3) Faithful (4) Calm (5) Humble (6) Simple
      (7) Honest (8) Judgment - gud leader wt no bias (9) Smart &
      handsome (10) Smiling face/kind hearted.
      So shll he have 10 COUNTRIES' VOTE as folos: Nigeria, SouthAfrica
      (Angelo said it on his eviction night dat Melvin shll b d Winner),
      Ethopia (Bimp said d same), Angola, Uganda, Malawi, Zimbabwe (No inalw
      issue ds time), Bostwana, Serraleon &d rest of Africa.
      If u r frm Nigeria, kindly text VOTE MELVIN frm any netwok 2ds Nos.
      34350. If u r frm anoda country text VOTE MELVIN to 414. Thanks &
      GOD bless.

  3. Love U̶̲̥̅̊ melvin U̶̲̥̅̊ Α̲̅я̩̥̊ε̲̣̣̣̥ too much τ̲̅ђε̲̣ best housemate ever

  4. Melvin the chase

  5. Elikem the chase, The chase Elikem

  6. Elikem is the best guy ever....see I am from SA...I really did not understand him but been hated and all that and now he is in the final...he did it...he must win....Africa let's vote

  7. melvin ts goes to you baby

  8. Eish iwill Mc BBA bggie can you plz extend the day Atleast 5days dan ,m so gonna be bored bggggie plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz bgggggggie

  9. Elikem has overcome sooo much… He is Titanium and my winner…

    I'm criticized
    But all your bullets ricochet
    You shoot me down
    But I get up
    I'm bulletproof, nothing to lose
    Fire away, fire away
    Ricochet, you take your aim
    Fire away, fire away
    Shoot me down
    But I won't fall
    I am titanium

    (Titanium By Jahmene Douglas)

  10. The IcE Queen is winning definately

  11. Cleo we lov you bring the money home.NDALAMA!

  12. dilish get yo money chap chap

  13. stop voting Dillish has won

  14. ladies smile its a ladies moni ; Queen Dillish

  15. If posts were to count as votes Melvin wud have won buh i see Dillish teking it all

  16. Melvin Naija-clor say Congrats for winning the money