Monday, August 05, 2013

Feature: Our Ex-Chasemates Are Trending!

Just in case you have ever doubted the power of Big Brother Africa and how big we are, we have a classic example for you right here.

Last night we published our ex-Chasemates' Twitter handles just so you can interact with them directly and guess what? the response was more than overwhelming.

We make a comparitive analysis of the number of followers they had at 20:00 CAT yesterday when the Live Eviction Show started and where they stand now on Monday 13:00 CAT, less than 24 hours later.

Actually, first you have to follow Oneal @onizee as he is already making it rain on Twitter. His 12 000+ followers are enjoying every moment with him. This morning he had an early interview with the legendary Kuli Roberts on South Africa's Kaya Fm:
It looks like Oneal is doing very well "at this particular juncture" and he is keeping it real with that straight talk:
Let's see how the rest of the ex-Chasemates are doing on Twitter:

Denzel: @DenzelUG
Followers on Sunday: 5640
Followers today: 6464

Followers on Sunday: 23 730
Followers today: 24 580

LK4: @LK_four
Followers on Sunday: 9372
Followers today: 10 264

Koketso: @kokamod
Followers on Sunday: 12 568
Followers today: 13 981

Neyll: @Neyll80
Followers on Sunday: 684
Followers today: 1128

Biguesas: @Biguesas
Followers on Sunday: 1187
Followers today:2085

Betty: @BetyzoneBoo
Followers on Sunday: 1 753
Followers today:2 600

Motamma: @Mottieluv
Followers on Sunday: 5008
Followers today: 6 306

Bolt: @Fofumomi
Followers on Sunday: 1170
Followers today: 1941

Maria: @marianepembe
Followers:16 674
Followers today: 18 237

Fatima: @_RubiksCube_
Followers on Sunday:3 373
Followers today: 4 252

Hakeem: @HulkMandaza
Followers on Sunday: 9671
Followers today: 11 877

Selly: @therealsellygh
Followers on Sunday: 3 300
Followers today: 4 977

Natasha: @natashaTontho
Followers on Sunday: 73
Followers today: 282

Bassey: @BasseyOfficial
Followers on Sunday: 9171
Followers today: 11 590

Pokello: @pokellosexxy
Followers on Sunday: 22 489
Followers today: 26 527

Annabel: @AnnMbaru
Followers on Sunday: 4206
Followers today: 5 829

Sulu: @Sulu_Pi
Followers on Sunday: 1615
Followers today: 4 148

Nando: @AmmyNando
Followers on Sunday: 5318
Followers today: 8 639

Our ex-Chasemates are doing it big on Twitter so don’t be left out. Are you already following your favourite Chasemate? If so, tell us who you are following and why.

By Lindiwe Nkonyane


  1. Hw do I follow pokello?can somebody teach me pls

  2. go to search on twitter then type @pokellosexxy then enter
    press follow then u will follow her