Thursday, August 29, 2013

Feature: What Was Your Favourite Task?

Today is Thursday and you know what that means in the Big Brother House - Task Presentation! This being the first Thursday since The Chase ended, we decided to take a trip down memory lane of the most memorable Tasks.

In the 91 days that the Chasemates spent in the House, each passing week saw them having their skills, wit, creativity, strength and willpower put to the test.

At the beginning of each week the Housemates were assigned with a new Task, which they had to work on during the week and come Thursday night they would have to showcase the fruits of their labour to Big Brother and Africa at the Task Presentation.

Who could forget week one when the Housemates had to make avatars out of clay to give to the person that they liked the most in the House. There were many intriguing creations that the Chasemates came up with but the most salacious of them all was hands down Denzel's penis avatar!

Many more challenges were thrown the Housemates way after that and each time they did their best to rise up to the challenge, right up until their emotional final Task Presentation. Tears were shed and lots of laughter was shared among the Housemates as they took a trip down memory lane, sharing their highlights from all of the Tasks that they have done in the House.

Recently we trekked through the cyber sphere to find out from The Chase viewers what their favourite Task was. The undisputed winner of that title is without doubt the Wedding Task, which saw two of The Chase’s most beloved couples HaCleo wed.

Hakeem’s emotionally charged proposal to Cleo had everyone wondering if that was a real proposal or was it part of the Task. And all Oneza naysayers were silenced once and for all by their heart-warming Wedding ceremony where it became clear that the chemistry and affection between Oneal and Feza is genuine.

Take a look at some of what Africa said on their favourite Task:

@obimildred - Dear future husband take note, you must sing for me like hakeem sang for cleo on our wedding #BBATheChase

@AfricaHeri - Ruby wedding task #Oneza RT @BigBroAfrica: It's been 90 days in The Chase. What's your highlight moment?http #BBATheChase #HappyBDFeza"

@franksdonald - The wedding last week is my best task Presentation yet, Housemates were natural at it. #BBATheChase #BigBroAfrica

@TeamDillishBBA - The Diamond House wedding was on point!!!! ♥ Enjoyed the Rubies too though... #BBATheChase

What was your favourite Task?

By Lihle Jacobs

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