Monday, August 05, 2013

Feature: Will Beverly Save Bimp and Put Up Dillish?

Beverly as HoH still has a daunting Task ahead of her, the dreaded Save and Replace. Just a few minutes before she walks into the Diary Room to do the dirty, let's recap on the morning's Nominations. Feza got four Nominations, Bimp got three and Cleo had three, which means these are the ones whose heads are on the chopping block.

So, what will Beverly do? This is the question we asked Big Brother Africa fans and it looks like everyone thinks Dillish is in danger. If Beverly's initial Nominations are anything to go by, then Dillish will certainly be the unlucky soul tonight. Beverly Nominated Cleo and Dillish this morning so Cleo is already up for possible Eviction, which means there's no need for Beverly to worry about her.

Well, the prediction is that the Naija babe will Save her former bed-mate Bimp. Judging from the Nominated Housemates, Bimp is the one that she is closest to. Could she surprise everyone and Save Feza though? Maybe just because the Tanzanian Chasemate is still reeling over the pain of losing her man, Oneal to Evictions last night? What are the chances though?

@BASSEYnation - This Bimp guy is safe again for another week! Eishhhhh!!!! #BBATheChase

@Bba_thatgirl - U wil never know that girl is full of surprises"@BoitiB: We all know that Beverly is going to save Bimp #BBATheChase"

@BoitiB - We all know that Beverly is going to save Bimp #BBATheChase

@keshimora - Or feza! @BusiBusang: I'm almost 100% sure that Beverly gon' save Bimp n replace him with MY Dillish #BBATheChase"

The only Chasemates left for Beverly to choose from are herself, her man Angelo, her brother Melvin, her fellow West African brother Elikem and Dillish. This looks like a no-brainer but Beverly could just surprise many - after all she's not even that tight with Elikem.

If you thought watching the Nominations show was not worth it, then think again. Tonight will just be one of those Shows so keep it locked.

What are your predictions for tonight?

By Lindiwe Nkonyane

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  1. I love Delish but I think she's a scam!!! She's using our melvin to get votes that keeps her in the house. Naija please, let's save none of them... Let's leave them to their country to vote for them. Let all man carry his/her cross! Remember we'll have to save our own melvin when its time and its gonna be very competitive bcos you still have Angelo, Elikem, Berverly in the house... Let their countries save them so we can forcast and get prepared on how we're gonna save our very own when its time. Naija for life!!!