Sunday, August 25, 2013

Finale: Elikem Takes The Third Spot

Ghanaian Housemate Elikem has become the third Finalist to be Evicted this evening.

Following Melvin and Beverly's Evictions, the trendy tailor, who was looking as dashing as ever in one of his colourful creations, was the next Chasemate to make an exit from the Ruby House.

He may not be walking away with the USD Grand Prize but the young Housemate managed to bag himself the coveted title of the Most Romantic Gesture for his breakfast in bed for Pokello. This means that the Ghana man is walking away with an amazing holiday package valued at USD 10 000! "I am taking Pokello no doubt," shouted the Ghana man.

Over the past 91 days, Elikem proved to be quite a strong contender in The Chase, he dodged the Evictions bullet more than once. He also found himself at the centre of the biggest clash in The Chase, which saw the Ghanaian getting his first Strike in the game and saw Tanzania's Nando being Disqualified.

But throughout it all he showed himself to be a man with a good head on his shoulders. In his time in the House; he also had the hearts of the ladies of Africa skipping a beat, thanks to his stylish fashion sense.

But as for his own heart, it seems to belong to only one and that is Zimbabwe's Pokello. Together they formed one of The Chase’s most beloved couples; Polikem and tonight the twosome have once again been reunited and they celebrated with a sweet kiss!

Congratulations to you Elikem on having made it this far!

By Lihle Jacobs


  1. And there ends my journey with Big Brother Africa forever… Elikem is still my winner. Ghana and I are proud of you –and the truth is no Ghanaian is ever going to win this game soooooooooo its no biggie. Numerous opportunities are coming your way, way beyond Africa, thus you will win and prosper beyond this, Africa loves you and you have made millions of friends. Elikem God Bless you and give you your hearts desires.. There will never be another Big Brother Africa like this again, as we Ghanaian become wise the trickery that is Big Brother Africa. So Elikem we salute as you use this platform and fly.

  2. and i said west africans are looser 3 in top 5 and couldnt even win shame

  3. We love u elikem and wish u and pokello all the best. Hope to hear the good news soooon ( elikem weds pokello)

  4. Ha haaa haaaaa. Naija kept Diliish in the game and she beat their Melvin. Ushould have kicked her out. Congrats Dillish even though u were nt my winner.

    1. The truth my dear, we Nigerians excluding me who never voted for Dillish, played the game against ourselves. Nice lets learn our lesson nx time.

  5. Though to be honest delish deserve it....she promote values and morals...wanted elikem to win but am happy for him too...

  6. We tried a lot boy to put you through the first place but it seems that it was not the time. Stay true to yourself as always and please take care of my girl she loves you dearly. TeamPolikem 4 life

  7. Yeah dats the game thy said Angelo is a threat and kept him away n saved Dilish...hahahah Dilish made it n i lov it dis way!