Sunday, August 25, 2013

Finale: Ex-Housemates Bounce Back!

Big Brother brought back the 23 Evicted Housemates to share in the excitement of the night and witness the crowning of The Chase winner.

Appearing by order of the Evictions from The Chase, Huddah and Denzel were the first on stage followed by LK4 and Koketso. Koketso admitted to have visited Uganda after her Evictions but the two didn't want to give away anything regarding to their relationship.

Motamma on the other hand said being on The Chase had exposed to a number of opportunities back home like motivational speaking and being a youth ambassador.

Maria said she was excited that her friend Dillish is sill in the House "it feels like I'm also in the House." Fatima reemphasised her friendship with Elikem warning that no one should get it twisted. Meanwhile, Pokello and Bassey gave a brief dance before chatting to IK on stage. What was evident is her tape measure accessory that she hung on her breast to show love for her man Elikem "the taylor".

Asked about her relationship with Elikem, Pokello insisted that "this relationship is going to work". She added that there's no way that Elikem will want out of the relationship.

Annabel said she has her money on Dillish. "My girl Dillishwill win this," Annabel insisted as loud as she could.

The biggest question though, was "where is Sulu?"

@Simplee_Krabiee - Where is sulu!? #BBATheChase @BigBroAfrica

@WillasKaunda - @BigBroAfrica were z sulu

Keep watching Africa, you never know with Sulu!

By Lindiwe Nkonyane

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