Sunday, August 04, 2013

Food and Angelo's Clothes

Now that the Nominees have had their hair done and are looking fresh for Evictions tonight, the Housemates got down to the business of selecting the weekly food they want.

All the Housemates had a turn choosing the different types of food they wanted but when Beverly had her turn she shouted for Biggie to add more noodles for them so that they don’t have to constantly bother him with the same request when they are in the Diary Room.

Melvin and Elikem teased Angelo by telling Beverly to select a t-shirt or three for him because he is always wearing the same tees. “Beverly, ask Biggie to buy Angelo two or three t-shirts for Angelo,” Elikem said jokingly.

Angelo told them that he would much rather take a few of Melvin’s t-shirts than starve, that idea was more logical to him. Now that they mentioned Angelo’s dress sense or the lack thereof, how long does he intend on being in shorts and flip flops? Even at the Channel O Party he was in shorts and a red bling-bling jacket meaning his suitcase doesn’t have much clothes in them. Where are your clothes Angelo?

Do you think Angelo has other clothes in his suitcase?

By Bukelwa Nkungwana


  1. Go and have a luk yrself bitch***u r really annoying!!foolish writer!!

  2. Seriously ..... Duh! Couldn't you just post about something else. Stupid question

  3. Is obvious that he doesn't have cloths

  4. Melvin oya nah, dasham cloath