Friday, August 02, 2013

Friday Party Indoors

The Housemates simply can’t help themselves when it comes to being party animals especially when they’ve had one too many drinks. Fortunately for them they have a very cool Biggie who grants them all sorts of liberties, just to make them happy.

This evening saw the Housemates dancing to tracks from Channel O, from and Britney to a few African artists. Clearly this was a Friday party held indoors.

At first Cleo, Dillish and Elikem had been hot on the dance floor cheering each other on while Oneza sat on the couch eating their supper. Then a little while later the dancing Housemates shouted a lot of shout-outs from ex-Housemates to the different countries that were represented on The Chase this season.

After a long while, even Feza joined the others on the dance floor even though her moves were not really motivated. But with a bit of cheering from Angelo and Cleo, she did wonders with her waist line, shocking even herself. Go Feza! But of course she went back to her man Oneal who had been watching obliviously.

When the music was not playing, they sang. Some were out of tune while others reached high notes. It was definitely a night of pure fun with no pressure. Oddly enough, Beverly was not on the dance floor a lot, what could she have been doing?

Who do you think is the best singer in the House at the moment?

By Bukelwa Nkungwana

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