Saturday, August 17, 2013

Fun In The Sun

After Cleo and Elikem's Rendezvous Room date, the Housemates decided to inject some excitement into their day.

The Housemates decided a game of volleyball in the sunny garden would do them a world of good. The Housemates formed two teams and fought it out for the title of Chase volleyball champion. All sorts of athletic displays were witnessed as the Chasemates pummeled the ball over the net that stretched out across the lawn.

After a while, Namibia's Dillish decided she wanted to sit it out and watch from the sidelines. "I have a headache," she said, before Bimp and Cleo convinced her playing would make her feel much better. She didn't need to be asked twice and was back on the field in no time. After competing energetically, Dillish, Melvin and Bimp’s team walked away with their volleyball champ bragging rights.

As soon as the game wrapped, the Store Room was opened and the Chasemates noisily helped themselves to the alcohol on offer.

By Ngeti Dlamini