Tuesday, August 20, 2013

I Might Walk Down The Aisle Sooner Or Later - Malonza

Last week there was a lot of hullaballoo surrounding Tujuane Co hosts Malonza Chege and Yvonne Bulimo supposedly dating.

This is something that Yvonne denied tweeting "Ladies and Gents!Malonza and I are not dating. He is my very good friend  and co host! We work together, no love affair there. She then added "Don't  have his girlfriend coming after me with that gossip. Don't need any drama!"

The co-star Malonza spoke today to The Star saying "First of all, Yvonne  and I are very good friends. We relate very well at  work and there is nothing more than our work and our friendship that is happening between the two of us. We are not dating. In fact, she refers to me as 'kid brother'. Personally, I am dating someone else and it is not Yvonne"

He concluded "I might walk down the aisle sooner or later. I ask reporters to do some research  before publishing some of this stuff."

By Sue Watiri, Ghafla, Kenya

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