Wednesday, August 28, 2013

'I'll Keep Helping People To Participate In BBA' - Denrele

Popular television presenter, Denrele Edun, has vowed to keep on providing assistance to fellow Nigerians who want to participate in the Big Brother Africa reality TV show in the future.

Known to his fans as Denrele, he said this in response to those who severely criticised him for his presumed role in the appearance of Nigeria’s controversial female representative in the 2013 BBA show, Beverly Osu.

Denrele said Beverly’s failure to emerge winner of the show, which ended on Sunday, and to take home the $300, 000 star prize, would not deter her from succeeding in life.

Beverly was the first housemate to be evicted from the grand finale of the show. She was followed by fellow compatriot, Melvin Oduah, the Ghanaian housemate, Elikem and Zambian representative, Cleo, in quick succession. The Namibian housemate, Dillish, eventually emerged the winner of the 2013 show.

Angered by Beverly’s alleged sexual intercourse with Angelo Collins of South Africa in a bath-tub, the critics had blamed Denrele for using his position as a presenter on Channel O to get her on the MNET-sponsored reality show.

As soon as it became obvious that Beverly could not win the show, some angry Nigerians launched an attack against him on Twitter and other social networking sites.

Those who blamed Denrele for Beverly’s escapades, which they felt had portrayed Nigerian women as immoral, warned him to henceforth desist from getting his preferred friends and associates on the annual reality show.

One Chuky Unadulterated tweeted, via @ChukyUnfazed,  “Derenle, just respect yourself from now on and stop filling forms. Henceforth, let normal, regular Nigerians have a chance too.”

 But Denrele, who said on Twitter that he watched the grand finale of the show on TV in Nigeria after he missed his flight to South Africa on Saturday night, has declared that he will not stop helping people to  “achieve their dreams.’’

He lamented that he had been “taking the heat” for Beverly and pledged to keep supporting her in spite of the criticism.

The presenter said he was not angry with those who had been calling him names, adding that the BBA chase had already put Beverly in the limelight.

In a series of tweets, he said, “Beverly Osu is already a superstar! I have been taking the heat for my girl and I’m standing solidly behind her! Africa, get ready! Work begins on building Brand Beverly. Plans are already in top gear and with the right moves in place, our agenda is on course.

“Beverly’s exit from #BBATheChase was the best ever. I’m too strong-willed and thick-skinned to be shaken! And so shall it be for my girl. I’ve been having a tough time in this industry since 1995 and I’m still going strong!

“And I won’t stop helping people achieve their dreams! Call us all the names in the world. No one can kill our shine! Before una talk, find person wey go believe in una to give you leverage! I’m not angry; never will be. Anger is negative and I’m too positive for all that!

“Beverly is in the limelight and she’s making a headway already. I thank God for giving Beverly d #BBATheChase platform. I also thank God she held her head high tonight. God bless the girl for life!’’

While some Nigerians were busy attacking Beverly and Denrele, others took to the social media to lament the inability of Melvin to emerge winner of the show.

They mentioned the three major reality shows in which he had participated in the past and how he lost out in the final stages on each occasion.   He was first runner-up, Gulder Ultimate Search Six and first runner-up, Mr. Nigeria 2011.

BlackBerry Messenger display pictures and broadcasts were used by some people to illustrate what they perceived as Melvin’s “predicament.”

One of the BCs, which circulated on Sunday and Monday, stated, “Melvin you go Gulder Ultimate Search you no win; you go Mr. Nigeria you no win; now BBA you no still win *sigh* Village people at work.’’

However, the winner of the Big Brother Africa 5 All-Stars in 2010, Uti Nwachukwu, has described the BBM display pictures and broadcasts as insulting.

Uti, who canvassed votes for Melvin during BBA 2013, wrote on his Facebook page that Melvin should be celebrated for being the “best behaved BBA housemate of all time.’’

He tweeted, “This may seem like a joke to you, but we were passionate about this. Diss me for all you want, but show Melvin some love. Habah! Nigerians, learn to celebrate your own. Have you heard Ghanaians mocking Elikem or Zambians mocking Cleo or other people mocking their evicted housemates?

“I was denied three visas in one year. I lost two reality shows, lost my friends, lost even my Dad. But look at me now! Melvin Oduah will rise again.”

When our correspondent checked the Twitter handles of Beverly and Melvin, they were yet to be updated.

The last update on Beverly’s Twitter account was posted on May 25 and that of Melvin was dated May 22, which was before the 2013 BBA edition started.

By Temitayo Famutimi / Punch


  1. Denrele or whatever u called urself nobody stops u not to provide assistance to fellow Nigerians who want to participate in the Big Brother Africa reality TV show in the future. if you re helping, help responsible not just presenting a slut that will go there to spoil the image of najia ladies. For Melvin leave it for God i kw God will prove himself in ur life. Melvin u re better than the best.

  2. Whoever who will assist the nigerians to parcipate in BBA in future , just tell that participates the trueth that being nigerian and being paticipates in BBA doesn't meant you are already the winner coz its upto Africa to determine the winner not nigerian as they thnk so . its a matter of votes not high populations, whether you votes in high numbers but still remain as one vote so stop insult other african country and play the game. i was voting Melvin and i thought he will image as the winner but suprise though , plssss stop unsultation we are one africa and u r not ontop of africa that the true and it wont change. thnx

    1. Annon 11.29am pls try to prove-read your write up before you publish please. And please stop being jealous of Nigerians. Melvin was the best in the house, we all know that the truth is always bitter.

  3. Yes for me as well, Melvin won. He was the best but jealousy didn't allow others to vote for him. God is always the best judge though. And Denrele abeg, just allow regular and descent Nigerians next time. Thanks for your great show of concern.

  4. Anonumous 11:29Am. U said people should or rather Nigerians should stop insulting other Country But your comment which stated " YOU ARE NOT ONTOP OF AFRICA' does not sound that you are a peace maker... We Nigerians never said no one should win, but read the article very carefully, Nigerians are only talking to same Nigerians celeb not even other African country celeb and I see no reason you should said Nigeria is not ontop of African Country....We are proud to be Nigerians just the way United State is proud to be Americans and look at any competition or reality show they went to and do not perform to expected, the Citizen have right to talk...So please if your own child does something wrong and did not correct him or her, we Nigerians don't do that....We are respected people that respect their costumes and culture...

  5. Denrele pls stop carrying only ur friends to BBA give normal peeps a change...ur a cheat nd am disappointed u too a horny bitch 2 represent us whhhhhhyyyyyyy,Denrele I luv u why can't u go 4 BBA instead.

  6. I follow the chase frm day 1 melvin is d ultimate winner 4get every other thing dat was done.Denrele dont mind hater pretenders do the worst if it to b judge as reality show beverly is a winner no pretence dat is her on the outside no 1 is a saint among u readers let her b n try ur luck also

  7. Melvin u are truly loyal wish u all d best in ur future endeavours we still luv u. But for beverly my lips are sealed

  8. Denrele no body is stoping from helping pple to become star but pls and pls check out for d pple u are trying to help into d show §o dat we don't get dsame character nxt year na beg we dey beg o thank God we didn't sue her to court as Ethiopia did to Betty nonsense.

  9. Breaking New:Nijas President Gudluck Ebele Jonathan hav declared melvin Oduah as d Minister of Youth Developmt in Nig.waoooooh Wooooozaaaaa Wooooozaaaaa dats huge n Big indeed disappointmts are blesssings.Hon.Melvin Oduah u deserve d Best

  10. Denrele,welwe'lll done,and congrats to beverly,and melvin,iI don't care whatpeople saybeverly did not have an intercourse,yes she was wrong by getting naked with Angelo and the romance thing,still,she did it with one man and not all the men,she is single and not married,for all qe know he could be her husband 2morro,so all of u,stop judging her so u don't get judged,after all nobody is a saint,sin is sin,whether we do it behind closed doors or in front of the continent,new are not God ,besides she made it to the top 5 and was never nominated,don't u think that shows how wonderful she is ?

    1. Pls don't say so.what she did was a very big disgrac to nigerian women she needs home training she was too despirate

  11. That is correct last anonymous.wise talk.let dem continue to wag their tongues while she move on.she is nt maried yes she did it wit one man and nt severals.

  12. Melvin is one in a million, a diciplined man with morals. Keep the good work on, as for bev, have nothing against her,but men like girls with morals, anyways all the best.