Saturday, August 10, 2013

Murder In The Big Brother House

Aggie, the escaped mental patient, was killed this evening during an intimate dinner hosted by the Chasemates and Big Brother's Butler, Mike Withers.

The big question is who did it? Could it have been Flashy Ron the Bookmaker, who told the cops to "Put her in the fridge next to the frozen peas," as soon as her body was discovered? Could be, because after all, he was asked to go outside to move his car a couple of minutes before the murder happened.

Then again it could have been Angelica, the money grabbing widow who "doesn't do mourning". At the time of Aggie's murder, Angelica had disappeared to the bathroom because she was depressed after an altercation with the dead mental patient. Melvin's inner detective seemed to believe Ron or Angelica were the prime suspects. He ran and told the cop "Ron and Angelica were the only ones who were not here when the murder happened". He then promptly went and interrogated Angelica, who told him "I think its not polite to be questioned this way as a guest," she said, bursting into tears.

The Housemates then came together and looked at all the evidence and tried to comb out the killer. With so many weird characters in the House, it was definitely going to be hard to find the killer.

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By Ngeti Dlamini