Sunday, August 11, 2013

Live Show: IK's Dapper Look Steals The Show!

Our man IK stepped out loooking sauve for tonight's Eviction Show and once he joined Zimbabwe's Tehn Diamond on stage, the Twitter streets started roaring.

As Tehn Diamond was performing his hit 'Grown up kid', IK couldn't help moving along and started stepping it in his black and grey apparel.

This is just how excited our Twitter followers were:

@Shaminage - #IK always looks well fashioned @BigBroAfrica #BBATheChase

@Lilia_24seven - Hahahahh is he jerkin? IK? Wow I love it!!! #teamBimp @BigBroAfrica #BBATheChase

@Celtat23 - Love the outfit @ik_osakioduwa @BigBroAfrica

@sandychux - Ik looks good today

@IamKay_Kay10 - People always tweet bout how IK looks go eat him up he mos lux delicious...

@sandychux - Ik looks good today

@GBENGAGHIZZY - Go ahead and eat him then "@Brownvelvett: Ik is looking edible.."

@elaine2991 - IK looking goooooood!.... *Bbathe Chase*

So much love for IK tonight, clearly he got it right. High five to the stylist indeed!

How did you find IK's outfit tonight?

By Lindiwe Nkonyane


  1. Ik_ Osakioduwa į̸̸̨§ always on point and luking grt,,,,,

  2. Feza is good in nature,while elikem is going home next

  3. Its pitiable that Feza would go home tonight,#BB THE CHASE

  4. @ Anonymous 8.59 get lost, follow updates

  5. Bimp or Angello to win d money , IK lukd fab jst