Sunday, August 11, 2013

Live Show: Tehn Diamond Sparkles On Stage

No wonder his name is Tehn Diamond, this Zimbabwean muso sure knows how to shine bright on that stage.

What a way to start off a jam packed Big Brother Africa Live Show; with a sizzling performance by the young hip hop sensation of his hit track 'Grown Up Kid'.

The multi-talented fellow is a rapper, a singer and a songwriter whose music career started in Australia. After that he found fame in South East Asia and when he returned to his homeland of Zimbabwe, he finally found fame in the African market and judging by his electric performance tonight, his star is only going to shine brighter from here.

In just a short while, Africa will find out who will see their journey in The Chase come to an end. Who do think it will be?

By Lihle Jacobs


  1. Gun straight......on Feza and Bimp...........landing gbaaaaa

  2. Bimp has been saved , seems u dnt evn knw wats app 4 bba

  3. Feza is out but I wishd is delish d snake

  4. Didn't like d artist dat boring